Moving past chaos

I’m typing this newsletter with two very crucial fingers on my right hand out of comission because I got sliced when a glass jar I was filling slipped out of my hands Saturday night. I started visualizing blue strands of energy fibers knitting the cut back together, and imagined an energetic zipper closing it up. The next morning it was already much better.

Nonetheless, when the accident first happened, it was hard for me not to fall into frustration. I have been feeling better in my body than I have in ages, my house was clean and organized, and I was enjoying an evening with friends. I had a gazillion things I was excited to do the next day and projects I was ready to tackle, that I didn’t think I’d be able to do now.

Nonetheless, the angels have taught me well. When I got up Sunday morning instead of feeling sorry for myself, I sat still and prayed. “God this is your day. What do you want me to do with it? I had really wanted to do the newsletter and a few other things on the computer. I got the guidance that I could type after all and after sitting down for a few minutes and learning to use new fingers on different keys it worked. I was able to write this newsletter and get a few other things done on the computer that needed doing… without pain! That surprised me.

I had to wash the dogs to keep them bug free. I got guidance I could do that, just more slowly. The dog had an accident in the tub and we had to clean up and start over… again I could have fallen into serious despair over this mess, but there was no point in ruining my beautiful day so I just dealt with it and moved on. I ended up having a wonderful day, cooking a great dinner, and having fun with a friend who stopped by. I forgot all about the hardships, and even got guidance at night to pack my cut fingers with a paste made of slippery elm bark and water to help it heal. Both the slippery elm paste and the good attitude are working 🙂

Its so easy at times to spiral downhill when things go “wrong” in our lives. Its easy to slip into a negative vibration and dig a deeper hole. But if we just catch ourselves when we start to despair, allow ourselves to feel our feelings, then deal with the situation and move on, then we remain more present, powerful, and able to respond to life in a better way. The angels say with every breath we start our lives over once again. Beating ourselves up doesn’t work. Had I beat myself up for dropping the jar my cut would not be healing so fast. Had I yelled at the dog it would have ruined his day and mine. Instead I gave him a hug, told him things happen when you get older and went on with life.

The angels once said, “Ann, if you are standing in the toilet, don’t flush!!!” They were joking about not beating ourselves up if we find ourselves in a tough situation. It’s SO true! So when you have those little moments in life (or big ones) where you’re not too happy about what just happened, by all means let yourself feel, but then move forward. The next moment is a chance to reset your vibration and attract the comfort, help, guidance, and love that you need.

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