I love the way the angels put things. They have really worked with me the past several years to trust that when it is time to do something in alignment with my intentions, everything in me will want to do it.

One of my creations as of late has been ‘perfect health and well being.’ Like many of us, I’ve put on a few too many pounds to fit in my spring clothing, I had some crazy allergies coming in, and felt a little out of shape. So I intended perfect health and well being, and I intended that I be guided to and passionate about whatever I needed to achieve that.

The first step occurred when I discovered the new healing work I’m studing (Matrix Energetics). I’ve used that to get my spine in alignment and to really enjoy nuking old patterns in my psyche that are counter productive.

Two weeks ago, I was ready for my allergies to be gone completely and my weight to go. All of the sudden, I had the DESIRE to go to the gym, as if nothing else mattered! Mind you I haven’t wanted to even drive in the parking lot of the gym for the last three years. I felt joyous on the treadmill and even ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in ages and talked through most of my workout! God is good.

Part B occurred when a client showed up and reminded me of the healing benefits of clay. I’ve used this type of clay years ago to take down swelling on my mom’s knee, to cure acne , and to eliminate pain but I forgot all about it! Ruth informed me that it even works, in small doses in water to detox the body. It all sounded good but I put it out of my mind till a week later. I was complaining about all the toxins in the air and environment, praying for a way NOT to take it into my system. I did my matrix work and then realized I was HOLDING the book on the clay and its journey to us in my hands!! DUH. I ordered a bucket and started drinking it diluted in water every day.

The allergies left the first day. My digestion started operating properly the second. The angels told me (and it was confirmed) that it was full of much needed calcium the third!! I even used it on a friend’s face today to cure her rash within an hour. So once … GO GOD!

Just intend what you want and trust that when you need something it will be there and you will have the urge to do what is healthy and good for all involved in order to make your intentions come true.

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