I loved this week’s angel message! They kept showing me pictures as I channeled of the light in our hearts trying to inch its way to the surface of our skins and our lives through all these clouds of disbelief. The angels have asked us to watch our words and our thoughts lately, to be very clear that God is with us and to trust in that more than we ever have before. I continue to receive hundreds of emails from people feeling like they want more but don’t know what to do next, people with anxiousness and weird physical feelings and people that feel stuck. It seems to be going around! Yet I know movement is coming for all of us, so we may as well do what they suggest, which is rest up, go within, and trust that God really does care about your needs.

If you want to know what God wants you to do, sit still, breathe deeply, and check in with your own heart… “What do you want me to do now, at this minute, God?” I ask this all the time. And the answer might be a growl in my stomach, which says, eat dinner, a heaviness in the eyelids that says sleep, the desire for support that has me reach out to a friend, or an urge to sit and write one good sentence for a future book. The desire might be to put aside a project I’ve been struggling with, or to sit quietly, have a good cry and ask the angels for comfort. Whatever small urges arise within my heart, I ask for them to be satisfied and I take the actions I know to take. I know God will give me the next step.

I had a nice long hike with a friend on Saturday. It was like life. We set out with a general idea of our destination but allowed room for spontaneity. As a result, we hiked leisurely and yet covered seven miles. We started out late because we stopped first for lunch, but as ‘luck’ would have it, if we had arrived earlier, there would have been no parking. Instead, we pulled right into a front row spot. We rested in the creek for a long time, walked slowly in the water, decided to turn back and then changed our minds and went further. We were truly in the moment. That is where the magic happens, not only on nice long walks in nature, but in life itself. If you push yourself, force yourself to make decisions before you feel completely ready, or force life to fit what you want in that moment, it leads to no good. If instead, you know somewhat where you want to go (joy, abundance, love, expression, etc) and you just begin with one step at a time, life has a way of working with you.

Patience is required because you may not get what you want when you want it, but when you do, it’ll be better. Faith is required because God doesn’t always offer proof that he’s working in your life. Surrender is required, because there will be times when in spite of your best efforts, nothing seems to be changing. You may have to wait, or go through a circumstance that doesn’t look like you thought it would. However, if you truly place your faith in God and take one step at time, guided by the heart, you’ll have miracles that will appear in your life. The angels often say you can do things according to the way of the world (plan, struggle, effort), or you can do things God’s way, in God’s time, with faith in God. The second one is harder in our own minds, but easier in reality… and a whole lot more fun.

Make room for a little magic. Practice with small stuff. Ask God for something small that you want and trust every movement of your heart and see what happens. You’ll develop more faith along the way. This week it was a long leisurely hike in a shorter amount of time than usual for me. And my spirit is full and I am able to serve more because I listened to my longing without giving up on it. Don’t give up on your dreams. Just be a little patient as they are brewing.

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