By now you’ve heard about my health adventure a few weeks ago! Believe me, during that time I had to use every ounce of will power to identify with the spirit living in the body, rather than seeing myself as a mess! There’s nothing like meeting lots of new, incredibly talented people while you’re looking your worst and not feeling much better! I sat by the creek with amazing people – looking terrible, hardly able to talk, and yet strangely at peace with it all! I know who I am.

And incredibly enough, no one saw me as injured or damaged, because that was not the energy I was putting out. Tired, hungry, bloated or not, I was sending forth a signal of knowing I was love and light of God and that was my deepest truth in spite of all appearances and sensations. And in that space, I had a strange joy and a sense of calm. People responded to it. A total stranger used the word “beautiful” to describe me… and believe me, the photos I took prove otherwise! But my soul was still beautiful even if my body was not, and my heart was still shining, even if my physical energy wasn’t there. 

It is such a human myth that everything around us must be perfect for us to feel good about ourselves. I was at my all-time worst, and yet someone said that they didn’t even have a clue. I wasn’t trying to “tough it out.” I was genuinely finding things to be happy about. I wasn’t in denial of my physical state of being. I was simply identifying more with my spirit. And that is why I decided to teach, “Magical Self Love” again in the fall because it was putting that class together a few years ago that firmly cemented in the notion that no matter what I think, feel, or experience, I can know the truth of my being, embrace it, and radiate light in spite of everything else going on. 

Embracing true self love – love of the truth of my being, has transformed my life. I wish everyone could feel so good even when they “should” feel bad, or have taught to feel “lesser than.” There I was standing next to beautiful and talented individuals, looking gaunt, starved, bloated, AND dirty (because I couldn’t stay out of the creek!). In my younger, less enlightened days, I would have wanted to crawl under a rock! However, after working with angels all these years, I was able to focus on who I really am. I knew my light and I knew the contribution I could make to their lives as well. As a result, no one judged me. No one looked down upon me. Everyone saw the real me… because I was being the real me. 

So when life isn’t easy, remember who you are. You are nothing less than the light and love of God having experiences and adventures here upon the earth. Some are glorious adventures, and some are hard as you know what… and yet these things are all temporary. What remains, always and forevermore, eternally and beautifully, is the light of your own precious soul.

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