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It has taken many years of working with angels to learn to love even the hateful souls. Just this week, an angry soul commented under my “Ann & the Angels Trailer” on YouTube that I “should do society a favor and kill myself.” I was in such a loving mood after gazing that I responded with kindness. He retaliated with a suggestion that I get a “bo*%” job before I “kill myself.” I sent him love, prayed for him, spam blocked him, and reported him to YouTube. And that was that. I felt only compassion for what must be a very miserable and hurting soul.

In my past this would have enraged me or, depending on the day, made me cry. We all want people to understand our loving hearts. We all want to connect with people in a loving way. We crave a meeting of minds and hearts, and peace between us. But some souls are not yet peaceful, nor are they ready for real connection or conversation. They seek only to share their pain by aiming it at others. We don’t have to “dignify the darkness” as the angels say by stepping into that vibration. It really does feel better to love.

So how do you turn to love when someone is hateful or hurtful? I didn’t get to this level of peace overnight! Some souls still find buttons I didn’t know I had!

Here are a few things I find useful when someone aims any sort of angry or unkind behavior.

1. Be compassionate… With Yourself!

Ultimately the world’s unkindness will not affect you. However, while I was still learning not to take angry words personally, the unkind comments stung. The angels urged me to immediately counteract the “poison” by doing something nice for myself.

They urged me to tell myself I was a good person, or contact a friend who could do so. They even told me to get up and get a pedicure once! Admittedly, it was a superficial solution, but the loving kindness of the soul who worked on me was healing balm after some incredible insensitivity.

Humor works too. A psychic friend and I used to send each other unkind emails we received and jokingly add them to our virtual “hall of shame.” When a friend was frivolously sued by someone with a last name that completely suited their angry personality we rolled in fits of laughter until all the dark energy was gone and then we were at long last able to send love to the hurting soul.

2. Engage in “Spiritual Composting”

If you find yourself going over and over an argument or unkind comment in your mind, you simply have a lot of energy built up inside yourself in reaction to the event. The cure is to find a healthy way to transform it to more positive energy.

Journal the things you’d never say and don’t really mean, then delete them, shred them, burn them or bury them.

If you are artistically inclined, do your art, create music, write dark poetry to get the energy out of your system. You never need to share this with anyone. It is for your own catharsis.

If you’re inclined, try vigorous exercise. I used to do aerobic vacuuming! If someone upset me, at least I ended up with a sparkling clean house! Years ago when I was an innocent young twenty-something and found out my finance’s friends had hired a stripper at a bachelor party, I rid the entire backyard of 3′ tall tenacious tumbleweeds the following day 🙂

Do whatever you can to rid yourself of the reactive energy… preferably something constructive! Think of this as spiritual composting – taking negative energy and converting it to something useful.

3. Pray

Nothing helps remove the sting of an angry comment or argument quite like love.

Every time you think of the event or discussion, pray for the person who hurt you.

“Dear Divine Love, Dear God, Dear Angels, please uplift this wounded person’s soul, please heal their hurting heart. Please remove any of the pain they triggered in me. Bring peace into my heart and theirs.”

You’d be amazed how quickly this works if you keep it up 🙂

May peace fill our hearts and may we stand in our beautiful light rather than allowing the darkness to pull us into its illusions.

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