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Years ago my mother had a teacher who told her to go in front of the mirror and simply say, “Thank you God for making me the beautiful soul that I am.” It helped to change her perspective about herself, the way she treated herself, and therefore positively impacted her entire life.

While self love and self appreciation seem uncomfortable to many, they are absolutely necessary if we are to navigate the intense energies coming into the planet now and in the new year. If you are not treating yourself with dignity and kindness, the universe, by its very design, echoes that back. If you are treating yourself like a being of light and love, no matter what’s going on in your life (because that is who you are at the core), then the universe will echo a much kinder reality back to you.

That may not seem “fair” because we all learned that if we’re good, we get rewarded and if we’re bad we get punished, but that’s not exactly the way life works. That is how parents and teachers and social institutions must operate, but God designed the material universe with the laws of vibration. So if you mess up but learn from it and love yourself anyway, you’ll get love. If you give to charity with bitterness and resentment, you’ll get people taking and taking with bitterness and resentment that it can’t be more… or something similar. What we do with love returns love, even if not from the same physical source. What we do with anything less than love causes us to get a less than loving response from life.

This doesn’t mean that if you love a particular person, they’ll love you back. It simply means that if you love, life in some form will love you back. “Giving to Get” doesn’t always work 🙂 Giving because it is a joy feels good in the present and allows the universe to echo that joy back kindly in some fashion, even if not the way you thought.

So take time to love and appreciate yourself, no matter what space you find yourself in. After all you chose to be alive. You chose to wake up. You chose to read something that might inspire you 🙂 You chose to receive the angels’ love and mine too. You can be proud of that. And I bet there is SO much more you can acknowledge yourself for as well… if you just take a few moments and give it a try, you will find plenty inside of yourself to appreciate. I agree with the angels… may every day be a day of Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and so much gratitude to all!

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