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I love the holidays. I love to give all year, and I love to share love in any form. In spite of preparing to film my next series I’ve been crafting in the kitchen these days, making homemade bath and beauty potions for friends, cooking simple treats, and a variety of other fun things. The Christmas cards haven’t even been a thought yet, but I trust they’ll get done after some really awesome meditation where I feel full to overflowing! I try to make my entire life a labor of love.

I have no idea, as usual, how I’m going to pack in all I want to do, and film the next series! But then again I never have any idea how I’m going to accomplish all that gets done! God does thankfully. I just trust in love to guide me. I promised myself that I would start early in committing series 6 to paper, but the calling wasn’t there. Instead I was too busy happily living it to take the time to get in sorted out into episodes until about a month ago. I felt such joy doing it at that time I knew the time was right. Happily, like all the other series before it, the energy of what I’m teaching it goes into it since I’ve been living it. Love knows what it is doing with our lives.

Love knows how to guide us to easily and joyfully get or make presents for those we love. Love knows how to make time to have friends over. Love knows when I’ll write out my Christmas cards (I do not!). Love knows when it will trigger me to sit still, play “Silent Night” and marvel like a child at the lights on the tree. Love knows all these things. And Love knows how many clients to schedule, and when so I can both serve these dear souls, and pay my bills. Love knows who needs what from me, in a way that is authentic to me giving too. Love coordinates all of our lives.

So this season, trust in Love’s guidance. Trust that you don’t “have to” do as much as you think you do… Instead check out the authenticity of any activity by saying, “I want to… I love to…” and if its true your heart will leap forward and draw you into inspired action.

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