The angels have taught me over the years to see love even when its very difficult. A dear one snapped at me once. “How wonderful,” they said! “You’ve been wishing he’d get more real with you! Yes, it was awkward but that was the best he could do.” I wasn’t so evolved at the time. “Awkward,” I thought. “Rude!” Now however, when people send me angry emails, I see beneath the surface and know they’re just trying to express their truth. I take care of myself of course and decide if I am going to respond lovingly or set a boundary, but I don’t have to waver from love.

I’m often asked, how is there love beneath war? The angels say that both sides love their perspective, love the people they are trying to protect, love their ideals. It is love, but just love expressed in an unloving way. Focus on the love beneath it, the angels say. Send light to those involved and pray they find a kinder way.

How is there love beneath acts of violence? Most often the one perpetrating such crimes is a wounded soul, either wanting others to see their pain, or reaching for innocence in inappropriate ways. Of course we must set boundaries, have consequences for atrocities, and walk away when we can, but… the angels beg us not to hate.

So recently when I had my little physical challenge, the angels told me to see the love beneath it. Yes I did care about my friend when I wished to take away his physical challenge. There was that compassion underneath it all. I could admit that. “Look for more,” the angels suggested, eager to not only help me heal, but also help me find every last drop of goodness in a difficult situation. I realized I was in training to help others have miraculous healings in their lives. I have been for some time now. I gazed for a lady with pneumonia a month ago and she was out of the hospital and miraculously healed in two days. At that time, I didn’t wish to take her pain away. I simply prayed for it, allowed God to decide, and allowed myself to be a conduit for Divine love. I finally admitted to the angels, “OK, I love even this illness because I can use it as a training tool to learn to create miracles. And If I can figure that out, maybe I can help others too!”

“Find more love!” they persisted! I had to think. “Well this has had me focus a lot on self care. I’ve had to be careful not to get stressed one bit or I hurt. I’ve had to watch my thoughts and make sure I was being kind to myself.” Now they were happy! Lessons learned. And in the meantime I’ve had a massive, miraculously quick healing too.

So this week, try to find the love trying to emerge from beneath life’s challenges. If you can’t see it pray and in time it will be revealed.

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