A few weeks ago I flew on standby flights on a short little vacation. The way it works is that you show up at the airport, get on a list, and hope there’s room on the flight. Flying out, there was plenty of room. Flying back was a different story. I was #8 on the list of a flight that was pretty full. There were no guarantees, the agent told me. If I didn’t get on, I’d have to buy a ticket at full price for the next one because there weren’t many seats on that one either.

So I gave it to God. “Ok God, I’d like to get on this flight. If not I’d like you to pay for the ticket I’ll have to buy somehow.I surrender.” I visualized myself getting on the flight, surrendered that if I didn’t it would all be ok, and proceeded to transmit loving energy to everyone in the terminal. My heart felt huge! The energy was running through me like a river, and I started to feel joyous. Everyone started to look like family! Suddenly the gate agent called my name. “You’re on!” she said. I had a second of doubting my good fortune. In that SECOND of doubt, an employee of the airlines walked up. “I’m sorry,” the gate agent told me, “We have to put him on first. Maybe you’ll still get on.” I started to berate myself for doubting, then realized I’d never get on the plane with an attitude like that. I went back to visualizing myself walking on the plane, surrendering to a higher will at the same time, and sending love. Within minutes the agent turned to me. “Well, you’re in luck!” she said. “We had a no-show!” I got on the free flight, reminded to stay in that blissful space of love and trust, always sharing my preference with the universe, but surrendered to anything wonderful God chose for me. Truly we do fly when we live in that reality!

So when you really, really want something in your life, picture it or feel it as if you KNOW and believe it will happen, and at the same opt to believe that if God has better that looks different you are just going to choose to trust! Then just love your now. Send love to those around you. Find something or someone to love. Grab a cup of coffee, a piece of fruit or chocolate! Enjoy a color you see around you… loving your now lets love stream into your life and that current carries you to joy! Sometimes I get my way this way. Sometimes I do not. But in all cases, Love gets its way and that is always a wonderful feeling!

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