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A few months ago I was working in my office when I heard a terrible ruckus outside the front door – sqwaking, flapping, fluttering, screeching, then silence…

I opened the door, fearing the worst. I’ve had hawks eat birds right in front of my eyes. Happily that was not the case this time. A lone fledgling pigeon huddled by my front door, hiding under a cactus. Apparently she’d taken her first (ungraceful) flight from the nest and was unable to fly back up.

“Oh honey!” I started to talk to her. We looked into each other’s eyes and she backed up in fear, doing her best to squish her tiny body into the wall. There really was nowhere to hide. “Its OK, I won’t hurt you!” She calmed down. I went into the house, researched acceptable grains, and left her a little offering of food and water. Then I started to pray! “OK, God! I want her to live! What do I do?” I couldn’t reach her nest to put her back. I knew if I took her inside her parents couldn’t reach her. I didn’t know what to do.

“Give her food, water, and leave her alone,” the angels told me. Oh, agony! Every instinct in me wanted to mother the poor little creature. Instead I listened to my guidance. For the next two days she huddled under the cactus. I put out seed, and happily her parents came, ate the seed, and fed her.

On Day 3 I started to get concerned. There were guys coming to work in my yard and I knew she’d be scared. So I ran off to the store, bought a large container, cut two doors in it to allow for cross-ventilation, taped around the edges so they wouldn’t scratch her, and set it on a tile, because pigeons are rock doves, and like to roost on hard surfaces. I wasn’t sure if she’d like it.

“That’s for you sweetie,” I told her. You can hide there till you’re big enough to fly. I looked in her eyes and pictured her feeling safe in the little house. She looked in my eyes and immediately moved into her new condo!

Days turned into a week. She started to eat on her own. I started to talk to her every day. “Hi Precious! I love you and know you’re very comfortable, but you’re going to have to learn to fly one of these days. You need to be with your family. Precious huddled in her hut, coming out only to eat and drink. I knew I had to release my need to control the process and so I watched, waited, and fed her.

Honestly it took every ounce of will power not to take her in! The angels told me this was a huge lesson for me, that she didn’t want to be taken in, and even if I had good intentions it would not be loving to do so. “Let go. Trust!” the angels told me. I loved her enough to want her to be free, so I listened. But I DID start picturing her happily flying away.

Within days other birds started to visit and eat with her. She watched as they flew away. I continued to chat with her. “Precious, it’s been two weeks. You’re wings are full grown. You’re well fed and strong. Its time to fly! You can do it! I believe in you! You need a flock.” I looked into her eyes as she huddled in her hut and pictured her soaring.

The next morning she was gone. Concerned I looked all over, but there was not a trace. We have cats, owls, hawks and all sorts of other animals so I didn’t know what had happened. A few minutes later, something turned my attention to the rooftop.

There, on the pinnacle, with her feet on the edge, she stood perched. Like a kid who wanted to jump off a diving board she looked down, looked up, backed up, and then walked to the edge again. She had apparently flown up to a shorter section of roof and then hopped to the top.

I looked at her. “You can do it,” I telepathed. We gazed. I felt a flood of gratitude from her spirit as she looked in my eyes, and then she turned, dove off the roof, dipped, and took flight! My heart soared too.

This was a lesson for me and I bless the little bird who taught it. I so desperately want to keep everyone safe and comfortable, free from painful lessons and on a path of joy. Yet there are times I must let go, and let those I care about choose their own journey and their own curriculum here upon the earth. It is not my place to control another even if I’d do so with an intent to help. That isn’t always easy!

So when you catch yourself agonizing over how to help someone, don’t insist it be your way. Instead, pray, picture them happy and healthy, and then wait for them to request help or the angels to guide you. It is far more loving than trying to impose our will on another… even with good intent.

Here are some pointers this week to help you Love as God does – allowing others to grow according to the dictates of their own soul… rather than according to how you think they should 🙂

1. Trust the Journey & Picture them well!

Trust that, no matter what the superficial human reasons are, everyone is making choices to facilitate their soul’s growth. I’ve seen this time and again. Years ago when I was married, my husband was sick. I had just learned Reiko and was urgently insisting he let me treat him so I could help. Weary from my demands, he simply said, “I think I got sick so I could rest.” Lesson learned. I stopped nagging, and brought him soup, pillows and Kleenex! That felt like love to us both!

You may not be able to heal, save, or fix someone at the human level. They may not want your advice or help. However, you can picture them happy, healthy, whole, well rested, abundant, and joyful. This creates a template for them to step into – an energetic blueprint for their well being. If they have even the slightest desire to be better, it will greatly assist.

2. Offer to Help. Don’t push.

I have family whom I love and adore. I am a walking encyclopedia of natural and energetic remedies. When they have health challenges I’ve learned to simply offer advice once, then let go. Of course I want them to heal, and I could often help if they’d allow, but the angels made it clear that any urgency to fix another is based in my fear, not in true love and allowance. Offering ideas feels like love. Insisting I know what they need, or being pushy is not.

I’ve been on the other side of the coin, sick, or with a broken foot, and had people unlovingly insist that I must do what they wanted me to do in order to heal. They were well-intentioned, but their insistence was not honoring of my choices. I wanted to learn my lessons and heal from the inside out. I didn’t want superficial cures.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Enjoy Life

It is hard to feel OK loving your life when others you love are going through tough times and tough lessons, yet love is waiting for all who are willing.

Choose to live and love your life no matter what others choose.

I would be useless to the world if I got sucked into its pain. The more I live In Love with life, the more I have to offer. You may just inspire the people around you to want that for themselves.

When we give up our ego’s need to have others behave, even heal or improve their lives as we wish, it allows us all to grow according to our soul’s designs… and that feels Divine!

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