As you know from the last newsletter, I was pooped over my vacation, but didn’t want to focus on being tired, or whining because a cold was trying to get me. Instead I sat there, and sent all my love to that cold bug and thanked it for reminding me to rest before I came down with it! In doing so it went away and I did not get sick. I got tired, but not sick! Tired is ok – sick and tired isn’t much fun as we all know.

Anyway, it is a year when the angels have already been on my case in their loving and positive way to focus on every little thing I DO want. If I stub my toe, they want me to focus on it feeling better. If I am hungry, they want me to focus on how good it will feel to have a warm meal. If I have to bathe my 90 and 70lb dogs every two to three days in the bathtub (which is the reality right now due to some unwelcome parasites), they want me to focus on how much I love my dogs – rather than 8 towels, one bathroom cleaning, and two loads of wash, not to mention dragging my darlings into the tub :)!!!

Its not the year to whine, complain, or focus on negativity. They keep showing me an image of a surfer poised and waiting for a wave. If he knows where he wants to go, he’ll be ready when the energy hits and sail into shore. If he’s busy whining to his neighbor about not having any movement, the next wave that hits plows him under. Life is like that. If we focus on what we WANT, rather than what we don’t – we get that so much more easily.

This cause and effect is partially metaphysical – energy goes where attention flows, but its also common sense – if you are focused on what you do want, you notice opportunities more easily or recognize them when they come up. You feel better and more positive and attract more helpful people as a result. People are drawn to positive individuals and run away from complainers. When I’m whiny – even if its on the inside – people avoid me!! When I’m positive, even if I don’t feel well, people open doors for me at supermarkets! We radiate the mood we’re in.

I’ll never forget the day I was on crutches, exhausted, achy, and kind of down. I reminded myself of all my blessings and focused on what it would feel like to just receive a hug. The greeter at the supermarket smiled and said, hello, and I smiled back. “How you doing?” he asked. “Ok, all things considered,” I said, then added honestly, “but really tired.” He looked at me, and out of the blue said, “You need a hug!” And so even in that moment of being down, looking for the bright future laid it out on my path.


Photo © Sabin Tiberius Strat | – All Rights Reserved.

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