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ears ago when I quit my secure job in electrical engineering and started doing Angel Readings, I had no clue how my bills would be paid. I was told all sorts of things, including an often repeated bit of “helpful” advice… “You can’t make a living doing psychic work!” I remember thinking, “Why not? God is my source and He wanted me to do this,” and so I proceeded doing what I was called to do and trusted my needs would always be met. I had and still occasionally have my moments, but to this day, somehow, miraculously often when life surprises me, my needs are met. I truly have discovered we all abide in God’s security if we are willing to trust in it. Next came love. I had recently divorced when I started my psychic career (Can we say life makeover!), and felt both guilty and sorry for myself. It took an entire year of beating myself up and grieving before I realized, “Hey! I love my life! I love myself. I love God. I love my freedom. I love my work. I have love!” Since that time people often ask me if I am in love when I’m wildly happy. “Yes I answer!! With God. With Me. With friends. With life!” And so the angel message today hits home because I have learned to live the truth the angels preach that we have all that we seek inside.

Once again I find myself in a phase of life asking for the umpteenth time, “Who I am now?” “What direction do I want my life to go at this time?” We are changing beings. The answer to these questions is rarely stagnant. At one point I wanted to write books, so I did. At another I wanted to get out in public more and so I did. Now I want more time to enjoy domestic life, to read, to be creative, do my arts and crafts, and spend time in nature. I still want to do my readings, but I don’t mind being out in public a little less. And so this is the reality I’m nurturing now. It might change tomorrow and when it does, I’ll dive into the next desire with great gusto!

The angels have drummed it in my head that anything we do, no matter how big or how small, how much or how little a seeming contribution to the world – if we do it with authenticity, from our hearts, and with love, we are gifting the world with the gift of our selves. And so for now, my “self” is realizing that being very domestic and very human can be a lot of fun! I think its time for me to channel my inner Martha Stewart and my inner Rachael Ray! Those two archetypes are very true to my human heart.

We are on this earth to live our lives and love our lives and in so doing we will contribute to the world. So don’t try to figure out what you think you “should” do. Instead take action on what you “want” to do and trust this is what God wants you to contribute to the world at this moment.

Have a very happy heart centered week!
Love and hugs,


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