Life is magical now

As I put together my new internet TV series “Living in the Flow of Grace,” I challenged myself to practice all I preached. Even after teaching this material for years, and living it to a large degree, I still found areas where it is wonderful to go deeper.

I am writing this newsletter on Monday morning. Before I filmed the series, my car angel told me the car would need some big maintenance when I came back. So as I drove into the repair shop this morning, I challenged myself to get intensely present and to look at the beauty in life all around me. I used the tools I’ll be teaching in the upcoming episodes.

Suddenly I was looking at a magical world, filled with light, color, interesting people, and cool stuff… while still sitting in traffic on the freeway. “Wow, God, this is really magical,” I prayed, as I sat there feeling so present that there was nothing but one big field of energy in many amazing forms. I seem to have mystical experiences in the oddest places. As I was enjoying the delicious feeling of “being” One with everything, a car pulled in front of me with the license plates, “MAGICL2” I burst out laughing!

It ends up I do have a huge repair bill for my car, but driving home, practicing the power of being in the present, I still felt nothing but wonder and magic all around me. The morning was beautiful. The mountains are tinted green after spring rains. The sky is so blue I could drink it into my soul… and life is good. I have a million things to do today as always but I’m only focused on this one, this sentence, right here and right now.

We spend so much time in worry, fear, drama, and other needless emotions, when in reality the “here and now” is usually pretty amazing… if you’re really in the “here and now” 🙂 Our worries about the future, and stuff we drag around from the past that cloud us from receiving our guidance, the love that’s there, and truly and enjoyable life. Bills get paid one way or another. Stuff gets fixed. But I’m grateful for teaching what I wanted to learn more deeply – that life happens now and now and now… and we may as well enjoy every little last bit of it!

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