Some weeks I scrounge around my mind looking for things to share and other weeks may as well be lifetimes considering the amount of spiritual growth! This was one of them. I’m in awe.

It started off with yet another home repair! I had just gotten finances back on track when the pool pump blew to the tune of $450. For just a second I felt like the universe was kicking me, but I wouldn’t let that nasty thought live in my mind. I kicked it out, and went into deep meditation to see how I have created this barrage of home repairs.

The angels answered quickly, ” Didn’t you intend to declutter, finish all unfinished projects, handle anything around the house that had been put off, and clean up your life to make complete room, and time, for focusing on your bigger priorities??”

There was a pause and then I started nearly rolling with laughter. I DID intend that! I remember declaring that intent unto the heavens! And oh God is good! The repairs were going to happen anyway in this house that is aging a little and they just all went at once. The financial dip in my life put me in a mode where I would not allow myself to spend on anything except pure essentials – food, bills, repairs. That forced me to be more creative, gave me less opportunity to distract myself, and got me more focused on projects I’ve been wanting to achieve. The so-called “lack” forced me to see the REAL abundance in my life.

I felt the power of God run through me and I told Satan to pack his little bags and run fast because I was not ABOUT to give into feelings of lack now or ever. I started praising God for my abundance – the nice home, the dear friends, the faith, the angels, the good food, you name it. And the little energies that were trying to make me feel “behind” left immediately. Two angels within two days sent me two checks that pushed my finances back on track.

Every time I write about the human trials in my life there are people who think something is wrong, but if I have a point to make here – life is just life and nothing is wrong! Some things are more fun. Somethings are hard as anything, when you resist them and give your power to them… but when you turn back to faith, back to God, back to gratitude, it all turns around in miraculous fashion. God is my source. Always and forever. Money will come and go. This life and all the stuff in it will come and go. My challenges will come and go. But God remains. My heart remains. And this joy that I feel now by learning not to give my power over to human challenges is deep and real.

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