Letting Go. . .

The angels constantly remind me to trust that God hears our prayers. God does. Every one of them. Last weekend I was learning about blogs so I could post these angel messages and my online journal in an area on my website without major hassle. I knew blogs were good. I knew the basics.I didn’t have a clue how to make the blog look good on my website. I followed all the instructions until I reached an impasse with the computer and decided to stop struggling and pray. I sat in my meditation chair, prayed, and let it go. I watched a few educational TV shows, worked on some knitting, went to sleep and trusted. Sure enough I woke up the next morning with a clear technical answer to my problem! I just typed in a few things wrong and as soon as I fixed them … ta da… angel messages were online and looking good.

I use the same approach when I’m stuck with the “big” problems in life – house repairs that cost more than I can “afford” at the time they happen, needing a conference room for my first Celebration of World Angel Day, when to do my car maintenance, asking to stay safe in traffic, resolving issues with people I love… you name it! I pray. I do what I know to do. Then I let it go and let God take over, and wait for further insight or direction (meaning I get an urge to do or say something). Life is so much easier when I release my expectations. I’m by no means perfect at this, but every time I let go, I grow more joyfully.

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