Let your light shine!

I have an underlying sense of urgency to get on with my work in the world. When I tuned into the energy of the year in January, what I heard in my head was “no nonsense, no excuses, no lies to yourself.” It is the year we get real about what we want to create and who we really are. It is the year we come out of hiding, use our gifts and talents and step out with the truth of God’s love into the world.

That sounds great, but oh my word, the fears coming up are HUGE. I didn’t realize that till Monday. I was all proud of how my website updates were going till the angels spoke to me again. “And where my dear, is the Ann, in Ann’s Visions of Heaven?” they asked me. “I put my picture on the first page,” I replied, “as uncomfortable as it is.” “Put one at the top,” they said. “And take a good photo.” I had friends who had offered to take photos but we hadn’t scheduled it yet. “Today,” the angels urged me. “Now.” “Uh, now is Monday, my office work day and I haven’t even washed my hair!” I complained. The response was a loving version of get out and get over it. Oh boy. Off I go into the yard to lean against my new lilac wall and take pictures of myself. Try holding the camera out in front of you and looking relaxed. “Think of how much you love God and the angels,” they told me. Click. I got a good picture.

I went inside and wanted to put a sassier looking photo up. “Well you can keep hiding behind that look,” they replied, but we’d rather you show the world, the kinder, truer you. They busted me again. So in spite of serious discomfort with having my face on the web, serious discomfort about looking vulnerable, and serious discomfort with being so exposed emotionally I did it. And the funny thing… I saw a side of myself I hadn’t owned before – the softer side.

Angels are amazing. They turn everything to growth. But I know they are right and it applies to many of us. We can’t hide our light anymore. As Marianne Williamson quoted, playing small does not serve the greater glory of God. How true.

Let your light shine!

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