Let me see me through Your eyes

I think the real journey on earth is one of learning self-Love. Self love is not narcissistic nor is it selfish. It is just an acknowledgment of the beauty of God’s creation as expressed in you! Self love is not putting yourself above any one else, but rather realizing the fact that we are all equal but different expressions of God.

Self love is realizing that even in our worst, least-proud moments, we are still, in truth, beloved by God and therefore worthy of our own love. We are nothing less than the breath of God breathed into human form. Even when we forget, God doesn’t.

With clients and in my own life, I’ve seen that it is much easier to love ourselves when others do, or when life seems to be going well. When we get that external validation of our worthiness, it is easy to say, “Yes I’m good! I’m lovable.” After all life loves you. Others do. Why argue?

But the real mastery occurs when you can love yourself even when others don’t. This is why so many light workers in what I call the “graduating class” on earth, chose difficult families. If you can choose to love yourself when you are different, not accepted, or even rejected, then you’ve really mastered self love! If you can love yourself even in moments when you were taught you were not lovable, then you’ve stepped beyond man’s truth and into God’s.

I’ve had a few moments this year when I’ve been challenged to love myself. Instead of standing in the flow of GOD in the middle of the night, I found myself once again standing in the flow of DOG. I slipped in the dark and I nearly lost it. I put the furry kids outside to finish their business and once they were out of earshot, I started hollering at God. “I was made for more than picking up you know what! I can’t do this any longer! I need love now! Angels… I want a hug!!” I was dog-tired (literally!) and the mess was overwhelming. It was not one of my prouder moments, and yet even in that space I knew I was lovable.

I started praying and asked to see myself through God’s eyes. In less than a heartbeat, the most magnificent love spread throughout my being. I felt SO loved, so cared for, and so profoundly GOOD. I saw myself through God’s eyes. I saw a woman who cared so much about every creature that she’d get up every night to care for them, avoid taking out her frustrations on them, go back to love in an instant, and wake up and answer hundreds of emails, take care of her friendships, etc. And I saw God looking at a woman who was just human and tired at the moment. I felt the Divine presence reaching out, and then in, to embrace me. I opened my heart to receive this big love and was blown away.

So even when you think you aren’t lovable, when you’re not at your best, when you goof up according to your own standards, you ARE lovable! You ARE loved! That is the truth no matter what. And if God, your very own creator can love you, well then, maybe you can love you as well 🙂

Self love opens the door for more assistance, abundance, kindness, opportunity, and the flow of Grace into your life. If we don’t choose to love ourselves, God is saying, “Here I love you! I want to give to you more and more… ” and yet you are saying, “No I am not worthy. Go away.” Why would we turn love away when it is the thing we all want the most? When you look at it that way, self love, well… it just makes sense 🙂

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