I’m making yogurt while writing this newsletter. The process is simple but fascinating. I heat up 4 cups of milk with 1/3 c powdered milk and bring to a boil to kill germs. I let it cool off a bit, until it reaches between 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit. Next I dump in a half cup of Greek Yogurt, pour it into the Yogurt maker and let it do its thing. I hear you can do it in the oven too, but I’d have to look up the temperatures. Amazingly, a very small sample of active culture grows overnight into an entire delicious new batch of Greek Yogurt.

At the risk of sounding like Forest Gump, I’d think life is like making Yogurt. We take a small batch of good ideas, put them into the right conditions (belief, anticipation, a higher vibe) and let the universe do its thing to grow and expand them until they take over and become something new and wonderful! OK, I know this is a silly analogy, but its late at night and small things struck me as humorous 🙂

This newsletter came from an idea. I was having a hard time writing it so when I set the timer for the milk to cool I sat and imagined that twenty minutes from then I’d be singing for joy with an awesome message from the angels and my segment well underway. Lo and behold the angels poured forth a very joyful message and I’m not having a bad time with mine either. Sometimes it takes two days for me to figure out what to say in my part.

So, seriously, how do we go about creating not only a better future for the earth, but also ourselves? It is simpler than we’ve all made it out to be – just get your vibe as high as you can in a given moment, by looking for things, imagining things, or making up things to feel good about.

Kids know how to do this. Animals do it. We humans, somehow have been conditioned to think it’s OK to feel bad. That stinks, but if I focus on how much it stinks, I won’t be high vibe! Instead I’ll focus on how awesome it is that we’re all learning a better way.

The angels say that the creation of one truly happy, high vibe soul is more powerful than a million unloving creations. These days, I feel it is my duty as a human being to keep my vibe as high as I possibly can. I want to be part of the unfolding reality, instead of empowering the reality I see in front of me. I want to “be the change.” As a result, I’ve been on a mission to find things to be happy and grateful about in my life, and in the world… no matter what.

The minute I wake up I appreciate my bed. I appreciate my soap, my shampoo, my shower, my music, whatever stretching I’m able to do that morning and so on. I appreciate my breakfast, my plates, my eggs, my spinach, and my coffee. I appreciate my clients ahead of time, my technology, and my office. My favorite mug slipped out of my hands and shattered yesterday so I appreciated its years of service, blessed it, held it to my heart and thanked it, then tossed it and appreciated eBay and the new one en route.

This radical gratitude discipline spins me into a very happy and grateful state of being. I am, by nature, appreciative, but I’ve taken it to a whole new level. I’ve been appreciating colors, textures, and even challenging myself to appreciate people who are sad or angry because I see their souls trying to find love for themselves. After struggling to find something to appreciate about unpleasant mud-slinging political ads before wonderful youtube videos, I humorously chose instead, to appreciate my remote control. I’m alive! I appreciate that.

A wonderful thing has been happening inside of me as a result. My body is getting more vital every day. have more energy to give. I have more love to give. I have more optimism to share. I’ve been spontaneously imagining a world where people are throwing off their masks (courteously), hugging, and celebrating. I imagine newspaper headlines, “Where did Covid Go?” “Not a sign of the virus remaining!” “The world enjoys unprecedented health” “A world in celebration.” and you name it. I feel joy like I’ve never felt it before… all generated from the inside out.

Am I being “realistic?” In 3D perspective, not at all. In 5D, Amen, yes I’m focused on the real reality behind the illusions of this world – love, joy, peace, harmony, health, etc. I’m empowering the world I wish to create.

Do I see the change in the 3D world? Not yet, but I’m not giving in or giving up. until I do. It may take time, but like my yogurt, there’s a timing to everything in the universe, and given the right conditions growth and expansion will happen. That’s just the way the universe works – always has, and always will, but we are just awakening to this reality en masse.

So while we deal with a world that is yesterday’s creation, why not do our best to create something better right here and now, by raising our vibe however we can, and then by imagining a better life for ourselves and our world. Our dreams, nurtured by the right conditions (belief, anticipation, a high vibe) are just like that yogurt culture – guaranteed to grow and expand in proper timing.

Here are a few pointers to keep your vibration high:

1. Play the Gratitude Game – Practice Ridiculous, Radical Gratitude

Take one hour or one day and challenge yourself to be thankful for everything you see and use that day. Even if you want a better bed, be thankful for the one you have. Even if you want a better car, find things to appreciate about the one you have. Even if you want a better job or don’t have a job, find things to appreciate about the current situation in your life.

For some of you this will be very easy. For others, it might be difficult, but do it anyway. Make it a game. If you don’t honestly feel grateful, pretend you are.

You will feel ridiculous at times. I felt ridiculous thanking God for the fact that my dropped mug shattered and sliced my foot, but I appreciated the healthy red blood cleaning out of the cut, the fact that I had bandaids, antiseptic ointment, and knew what to do. I was so ridiculous pretending to be grateful for something that would usually bother me, that lo and behold, it didn’t faze me, barely hurt, and was healed in a day.

That’s the “miracle” of a high vibe. It works on things far more serious too. A dear woman I know has covid. I’m giving thanks for her impending health, for the time she is getting to rest, for the sun to shine upon her, the brew Amma Karunamayi (a Hindu saint) shared*** that helps to heal, and the fact that her spirit is already whole. She is healing quickly.

The gratitude game may seem silly but it is a powerful way to get in a powerfully high vibe, where intentions manifest more powerfully.

2. Don’t feed your mind junk

Think of everything that you put into your mind as food. Feed it what nurtures it. Read a little something inspiring each day. Listen to uplifting or beautiful music. Be around positive people as much as you can. Look at the beauty of nature. Listen to the birds. Focus on who and what you love.

Eliminate mental “junk food” which is anything that drags you down. Spend less time with negative people or if you are with them focus on loving them, sending them compassion, or on their good qualities. Don’t get sucked into their negativity or become resistant which is also not so good-feeling. Turn off programs, ads, or news that depresses you. Switch channels if something you find unpleasant comes on the TV. If an article you’re reading starts to irritate you, toss it or switch to a better website.

Within you can choose thoughts that make you feel better a little at a time. If you feel lousy, ask yourself, “How can I comfort myself?” Then when you feel a little comforted, ask, “How can I inspire myself a little?” Maybe read something good. You get the idea… slowly but surely pick thoughts that give you better feelings.

Think of your mind as something which needs to be fed “nurturing food” instead of “junk” and treat it accordingly.

3. Spend time in silence or Sit, breathe, Receive

Yes, we come back to the angels’ favorite way of raising your vibe – let them help. Sit. Breathe. Intend to receive their love. Put on some favorite music and drift away while they do. They love you so dearly. They want to help shift us.

Simply doing this can take you out of fear or misery and bring you peace.

4. Move your body in a way that pleases you

Moving the physical body in a comfortable, healthy way can actually move your energy. If you can, dance, walk, stretch, or do yoga. If you can’t do that, move what can move slowly and gently in a flowing manner to some good music.

Physical movement always helps get the energy moving, and energy in motion is higher vibe.

The 5D solutions don’t seem all that useful until you start putting them into practice and realizing that feeling good DOES connect you with quicker solutions, better guidance, a happier now and a happier later. Just as importantly, when you feel better, you become a more open conduit for the Divine energy and solutions to flow into a world in need.

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