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I joke that I’m a former “control freak.” I used to tell God how everything had to come into my life. Years ago when I had recently left my career, the only long-term relationship I’d ever have, and a home I loved. I was needy! I wanted comfort, validation, and to feel better about myself. Instead of asking for those things, which the universe could have brought me in a million kinder ways, I insisted on having a man come into my life to “make me” feel those things. I became a magnet for men who were needy, who wanted me to comfort, validate, and make them feel better about themselves. These were perfect vibrational matches, but seriously painful lessons.

Now when I want comfort I ask for comfort. Just last night I was tired and wanted a hug. So I sat and asked… in the past this has come in various ways… strangers hugging me, friends stopping by, sudden bursts of joy as the energy embraced me. Last night, I had no sooner asked, when I felt the embrace of the Christ energy surround me with such exquisite tenderness it was beyond any human description.

Likewise, I don’t ask for money when I want or need something. Instead I ask for what I want or need and trust that the highly creative universe can provide it in a variety of ways, most of which are beyond my imagination! I’ve known people who needed a very specific piece of equipment for their business, and found it in a brown bag by the side of the road! Last year, after attempting all year to look at new portable computers, and being distracted each time, my portable died. I was so busy, my prayer was simple, “Dear God, you know what I need, figure it out, thank you.” Within days, dear souls told me they were getting rid of their old portable in lieu of a new one and asked me if I’d like the old one. My jaw dropped and I nearly cried with gratitude. The model they gave me was better than what I’d ask for.

Days before a seminar in Sedona last year, I tried on my white pants and discovered they didn’t fit! I did not have time to shop. “Dear God I need a new pair of white pants that fits. I must find it nearby, and it can’t cost too much… or guide me to something else to wear! Thank you!” Within hours a nearby thrift store popped into my head. Five minutes from home, I found a brand new pair of white pants in my size that fit perfectly. They were $7.99 and 20% off with my coupon 🙂

This is how the Divine works! So this week when you want something, be it a situation, a feeling, or a thing, just ask. Stop trying to figure out what you need to have to get it, how you need to get it, whether or not you can have it, whether or not you’re worthy of it, etc. Put all that aside and like an innocent child, ask for what you want or need, expect it will come in the perfect way, and like that child… enter the kingdom of heaven!

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