It’s the end of the world and I feel fine!

Happy New Beyond Mayan Calendar or whatever we call the dates past December 21, 2012! I have to admit I’ve had a rather irreverent sense of humor about the whole thing. Over nearly two decades ago the angels showed me a vision of the vast movement of space and time throughout God’s mind and after that I could never get too worked up about dates on a calendar. A birthday is, after all, just marking another trip around the sun! I’m not aging. I’m just well-traveled! Seriously!

I always have to shake my head at how we as a race can get crazy about what is going on “out there.” I watch people rant and rave about the state of the world, but in truth, “out there” starts “in here.” If the news says the economy is bad, people panic, stop shopping, sell their houses in case they lose value, cash in their stock at dropping prices… and therefore create a bad economy… all rooted in fear of the very same! After awhile the wheels of time turn, we start believing in change, we get sick and tired of feeling that the economy is bad and we look for signs of hope. We start to see them, and then we say, “Oh the economy is getting better.” Our vibration improves. Our spending and saving changes, and yes, the economy gets better. It is always something, as the angels say, within our collective control. And so I tend not to ride the waves of fear and excitement that the world buys into because I’d rather create a more peaceful reality. I’ve joked for years that if you thought the world was going to end on December 21, 2012, then you’d wake up on the 22nd with a lot of Christmas shopping to do!

However, I do love the angels’ suggestion to take this date that has been assigned so much significance by humanity and use it for a good purpose. There is more love coming to the surface on this planet. The earth changes, disasters, economy, etc., have all caused more and more people to reach out to one another, to bring their truth and opinions to the surface, and sometimes to duke it out until we as a race figure out where each of us belongs. The more honesty people bring to the surface, the more we sort ourselves out, attracting ourselves into situations where we find ourselves among those of like mind. I do believe and will participate in creating a more loving reality.

One of the most simple ways I do this is to sit quietly each morning for just ten minutes or so and ask that my heart and day be aligned with God’s love. I list off everything I think I need to accomplish and pray for assistance. I then sit and focus on my heart and open it like a blossom receiving sunshine, and allow God and at the angels to fill me. It is quick, simple, and has a profound impact on my days. They flow more smoothly and gracefully, and I am reminded of the many opportunities to bring love to the surface.

So happy new cycle of time! And because I do have this kind of humor, join me in singing REM’s lyrics…

“It’s the end of the world as I know it… and I feel fine!!!”

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