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So many times in my life my angels have reminded me to create my life from the inside out. Looking back I realize that I only feel lack when I fail to acknowledge my abundance. If I take time to admire my flowers, or the beautiful sky or the songs of the birds, I feel rich. After all, isn’t that why we all want more money… to enjoy life! Why not enjoy it now. I make the same amount I have for years and my bills have gotten more huge and yet I take better care of myself and therefore feel greater abundance. When I used to worry about money, clients would cancel last minute, bills would pile up. Now I just trust in the security of God’s care and everything always works out no matter how crazy it might look.

I went through years of my life feeling lonely and sorry for myself after a string of very silly relationships in my thirties. I wanted someone to come into my life and make it all better – to make up for all the bad choices *I* had made!! Of course that didn’t happen! If a guy had come up to me saying, “I’ve made a string of bad relationship choices and feel burnt out, abused, lonely, and a bit put out with relationships in general. Would you come date me and make it all better?” Well I’d RUN! And vibrationally, that was the type signal I was sending out! Can you imagine! If we could only see the signals we send, we’d understand why we have what we’ve got! Needless to say the angels worked with me on self-love, self-care and so much more and I now feel surrounded by more love and joy than I have ever had in my life, and in so many different ways that I am overflowing with gratitude. Life still has its challenges but they just don’t seem daun ting anymore. The love is there. The trust is there. I know God cares.

Life does start to change from the inside out. Outer bandaids solve the problems we think we have on the surface, but the true fixes start from within. The choices to be kind to yourself start within. The choice to accept kindness and walk away from anything else start within. The choice to sit still and let God and the angels love you starts within. The choice to trust God in spite of appearances starts within. These are the choices that once made, over and over again, whether you feel like it or not, change your life. These are the true fixes and the path to true joy.

Love is available right now. Feelings of abundance are available now. Make one good choice after the next to seek out what you already have inside yourself. Love yourself even if you feel sad or pissy or scared. Its a start. Pray to feel secure. Pray for direction. But for this second, just this moment, sit still, ask yourself what you want within your power to feel or create, right now, and give that gift to yourself.

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