The angels have been talking to me a lot lately about being clear about what I want and what I don’t want, from the simplest to the biggest things in my life. I get really happy, it seems, then mess up the joy by making choices that aren’t 100% consistent with my heart and soul. I’m sure you’ve seen me on this roller coaster if you’ve read the newsletter for any length of time! This year I want to stay in that happy and live in an impeccably honest state of being. Being human, its a worthy goal 🙂

Last weekend I woke up feeling out of sorts. I had been scheduled to attend a seminar that I was truly interested in. I was excited about it all week. But when I woke up that morning the angels said, “Be honest!” I looked out the window. It was a beautiful day and I had declined an invitation from a dear friend to attend an outdoor event that sounded like a lot of fun. Logic argued. “You really should go the seminar Ann. It would help you in your business and finances, etc…” Old voices of old notions of responsiblity echoed loudly. But I hadn’t done anything with this friend in awhile and I missed her, so I cancelled my participation in the seminar, and spent the day outdoors in the beautiful weather. Immediately the cloud over my mood lifted. When we truly listen to our hearts in the moment, we are happy! When we ignore them we are not. Truth only occurs in the moment – had it rained as it had earlier in the week, the seminar would have been the right option.

Either we want to do something or we do not. Either we want to pay the bills or skip going to work that day. Either we want to be with a person as they are or we don’t. Its hard to get out of wishful thinking and denial at times. Its hard to accept the choices right in front of us at times, and yet when we surrender to making the best choice given all the facts that are right in front of us we free up our energy to truly acknowledge and pray for the changes we want to see in the future. If we live in denial and frustration about what is right in front of us, that wastes the energy we can be using to raise our energy and manifest what we REALLY want.

In talking to a dear client earlier in the week the angels explained it was ok to have more conventional job for security while working for a dream job on the side. It is ok to pay the bills in a job you don’t care for much while working and praying for one you do. Its ok to be in a decent relationship if you need the companionship while praying for a transition to one that you really want, as long as you are honest with all involved.

God DOES come up with some really awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping solutions to the problems people pray for. A dear client was about to foreclose and the angels kept saying, “No keep the faith.” On the day she was supposed to foreclose, they kept saying she would not. I was having my own doubts! Wouldn’t you know it, the bank was processing too many foreclosures and at the 11th hour gave this wonderful woman a 90 day extension during which time she sold the house! Now that is a “God solution” vs. a man made one! Personally I like the heavenly solutions better than the ones my brain cooks up!

The trick is to deal with what is in front of you best you can, be honest about all that you want in the moment and in the future, then intend and be ready to receive the miracles!


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