How to have a miracle!

I have been living in a miracle-filled life ever since February when I started doing the gazes with Braco (pronounced Brahtz-so). The light that comes through him has drawn forth and expanded the light within me – the same light that is within all of us. I have had miraculous physical healings, and my life has flowed with greater grace, ease, and joy than ever before. My poetry and creativity have returned, along with the desire to finish projects, website, etc., and to get back to writing. Life is amazing. And most joyous of all, one of my dearest and most heartfelt prayers has been answered. Lately, sometimes when the energy turns itself on, the miraculous has been happening through me.

A few weeks ago a dear long-time client messaged me on facebook. She had injured herself and wanted to know if I could help. As I started to write back that I would intend that healing energy be sent her way, I felt a heat like fire go through me. I didn’t know what it was doing, so I just hit “send.” I was dumbfounded when she wrote back that as she read the message, the heat flamed through her and the pain just disappeared. I cried tears of intense gratitude.

It happened with another dear client who came with a migraine she had suffered with for months. I felt as if a giant vacuum was placed on my head and something sucked up and out of her, through my heart and out my head. Suddenly the lights came on in her eyes. She smiled. Her migraine disappeared. I can’t control this. I am not sure I completely understand the mechanics of it (although being a former engineer I’d love to!!), and yet it has put me in an entirely different realm of beliefs about what is possible. I’ve always believed intellectually in miracles and instant healing, but to start seeing it more often has challenged me to look at myself when I get in a tough spot and ask why I would hold onto anything less than wonderful in my life. I am challenging myself to stretch my beliefs and to step into an even larger reality. Why not? All dimensions exist at once. We can choose the one we focus on. I’ve had many miracles in my own life as a result.

Miracles seem to happen when we both thirst for them with our entire being, and when we are willing to let go of our attachment and obsession with the problem. They involve a willingness to either receive the miracle or to be open to anything else that might be in our highest good. If we detach from the outcome, we actually let go of the problem, the solution, and everything in between and we open ourselves up to all possibilities. God will give us what is truly best for our soul. Sometimes that means getting what you want. Sometimes that means not getting what you want, but learning so you can have far more than you want.

For example, I am pre-menopausal, and while this might be too much information, sometimes we women bleed a lot during this phase. A few months ago that was happening and so I put in a Braco DVD and simply said, “OK God, if you can work through this to help me please do, but if I need to go through this, then give me the strength.” I focused on feeling good, adopted an attitude of “what is perfect for me will be,” and watched a favorite segment of the DVD. Suddenly heat shot like lightning into my abdomen and within seconds the bleeding stopped and my energy returned. Another time I got my stomach all knotted up because I stuffed some feelings, and when I prayed for my miracle healing, instead of having an instant fix, the emotions I had repressed came out in a flood of tears and then my entire body relaxed. We don’t always get what we want instantly, but we do get what we need!

So when you want your miracles, try this prayer… “Dear God please (whatever you want), or if I have to go through this give me the strength.” “Whatever is perfect for me will be!” Then let go and trust that what is best in the big picture will happen. You’ll either get your miracle or something better through the current experience than you might have anticipated!

Have a miraculous week!
I love you all,

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