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Choices used to agonize me. When I painted my house I must have had two dozen sample colors. Neighbors came over and humorously began to vote. When I sat down to eat, I’d agonize over what was best for my body. When I had a day off I’d go nuts trying to decide if I wanted to stay home or go hiking!

I’m an outer Aries, inner Pieces and these are the two most opposite signs on the zodiac! I have often find myself in a conflict over function vs. form, being a hermit vs. being social, knowing I’m abundant vs. being frugal. You name it, the inner committee was not that great at making quick decisions in my past!

Recently the angels had some fun with me playing a little game. I saw a chair that I liked and my heart knew I wanted it to replace a years-old thrift store chair that had an old sheet on it. “If you had to choose now, what would you do?” they asked me. I went back and forth. I wasn’t sure so I went home without it. “In the morning the chair was in my mind again.” “If you had to choose now what would you do?” I’d get it. I answered. Off to the store I went to find it on sale.

Last week my 18 year old fridge and freezer konked out. I did the “smart” thing and scheduled a repair with my home warranty company although everything psychic within me did not feel good about that. As I was waiting for the repair folks who didn’t answer my call and the warranty folks who had me on hold for a long time, the angels said, “If you had to choose now, what would you do?”

“I’d cancel with the repair folks, get a new fridge, and trust the universe. I’d cancel my home warranty, and save the same amount every month just in case and use the great repair folks I used to call.” Do it then, they said. Immediately I got through to customer service, after being on hold for some time! I canceled the repair, the policy and went online where I realized that I was in perfect timing for the pre-Labor Day appliance sales! Within half an hour I had a new fridge on order. It was delivered in two days.

On the day the new one was coming, the old one started working again, mysteriously. I started to question my choice. “If you had to choose again now, what would you do?” I didn’t even have to ask. My heart said, “Keep the new one!” The delivery guys explained that the old fridges was on its last leg and had I not replaced it now I would have paid for repairs and a new one, likely soon. Furthermore, as they installed it they found a small leak. Small leaks lead to big leaks! I had it fixed without incident. The angels said I saved myself a big problem in the future!

Granted, these are rather insignificant choices in the greater scheme of life. I’ve agonized over whether or not to get in relationships and whether or not to leave. I’ve agonized over health issues that my nursing friends remind me could have been life or death! In each case, however, as I dropped into my heart and asked, “What do I do now?” the answers came easily and guided me into a far happier and more enjoyable reality 🙂

Here are some pointers this week to help you more easily make guided, happy choices…

1. Before making a choice, always ask yourself, “What do I want out of this situation? How do I want to feel when this choice is over?

Say you are trying to decide if you should fix up your home or move. You decide you want to live in a beautiful place that makes you feel expansive. You start to imagine what that might feel like. Now you can envision your home updated. Does it match that feeling? You can look at new homes. Do they match that feeling? Whatever matches that feeling first is the right answer. Wait till reality matches the feeling.

Suppose you are choosing between various schools for you child. You want one that is reasonably convenient for you and a wonderful school for child. You want to feel relaxed, secure, and happy with the education, community and more. Imagine how that feels. Now think of school #1 and see if you feel the way you want to feel. Do the same for the others.

Your soul scans the quantum field, connects with possible futures and determines if they match your desired future energy!

2. If nothing feels right now, wait!

Better to postpone a choice and even miss an opportunity, than to force yourself to make one that doesn’t feel right. Fear creates urgency. Love creates a sense of “all is well.” Wait until a choice feels right. The right ones will still be there for you. The wrong ones will disappear.

3. If everything feels right, pick one and commit

Sometimes you are blessed with too many good choices! You have a closet full of beautiful clothes, a fridge full of good food. You have a beautiful home to enjoy and the majesty of nature beckoning to be explored. You have a kindle or a bookshelf full of books to read!

If one choice doesn’t stand out as feeling the best, matching your energy the best, then good news. Pick one! Flip a coin. Never look back! Only look forward and make new choices again and again as you learn. It isn’t worth worrying about which is the “best of the best of the best” if all feel well. Just choose

I would rather have choice and learn from it, than have everything dictated to me. I want the full human experience. Some of my choices have led to some pretty intense lessons because I refused to readjust along the way with new ones. Some of my choices have course corrected me quickly into beautiful situations. Some just lead to bliss. The more and more I make choices now and now… the better it gets.

So, “If you had to choose now, what would you choose?” Answer, even if that means you’d choose not to make a decision now! After all, even no choice is a choice!

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