Take heart. The energy is indeed thick and I have been bombarded by people going through tough times – almost every one of them includes losing control in one way or another – getting fired, not knowing where the next client is coming from, having an ex try to hide his addictions to retain custody, losing a child, losing a husband, you name it. There are so many hurting souls in the world. I do my best at all times to remain in love and truth because from that space, I can see the lessons and truly assist people. As you know I’m writing a book called Aura Hygiene to help others understand how to avoid getting sucked into the pain and emotions of others — and so of course, I am in a course of deep study on the subject myself.

I’d like to ask for your help. I have had so many clients suffer the unthinkable and yet one stands out. She is a young mother. I cannot share the details of her case of course, but she has suffered unthinkable betrayals, acts of violence against her, injustice by those who are supposed to protect us, and the pain of not being able to protect her children from some unbelievable tough situations. I love her dearly and I got sucked in deeply to the despair that she feels. I have been working very hard these past several months to live in the truth I know no matter how tough it is.

I know we sign up for lessons – the angels say some of us are very ambitious when we sign up for class on earth, then we get down here and say, “What WAS I thinking?” And yet, this is a school. We did sign up to learn and some of us chose some pretty intense classes. So I looked into this woman’s life and saw the unthinkable pain that her perpetrator went through in childhood and angels, being angels, suggested we both send love unfailingly and ask the kids to do the same. To choose to love while still trying to stop darkness is one tough calling and I bet many of you on this list have had similar lessons. I have had to say, ok I HATE the behaviors, but I can love the soul. And I had to advise this dear soul to do the same even though every human part of me wanted to wish him the same pain he has caused her. I focused on the wounded child and prayed daily. She is doing the same. She needs our help.

And I believe that because we are SO powerful we can help the world through our prayers. Not only the innocent need our prayers. The perpetrators do even more so. They need our prayers for the healing of their hearts so they can at long last turn away from the dark that took root in them through acts of violence against them, and find healing. Healing may occur via legal punishment and that’s ok. But healing is what we want for them so they stop passing on the pain. If everyone on this list can spend time this week praying for the healing of the hurting hearts on this planet I know we can do some serious good, and heal ourselves in the process.

I once was given an exercise by the angels to go over a list of past boyfriends that had been pretty tough on me and find out how and why I attracted them and then to WRITE THEM THANK YOU LETTERS. The angels told me I was not allowed to send the letters until I felt genuine gratitude for the lessons. Needless to say that took a few months of concentrated work. I had to get over feeling like a victim. I had to OWN the fact that my choices and perceptions found me in their company. I had to own why I stayed in spite of betrayal, verbal abuse, lies and so forth.

And then I wrote letters – thank you for teaching me that my need to be understood made me blind to the truth of others; thank you for cheating on me because I was cheating on my own intuition when I began dating you; thank you for the anger you aimed at me because it taught me to not take things personall and to stand in my power. I truly AM grateful these days but it wasn’t easy.

So this is why this newsletter is late. I HAD to get back to love and trust and surrender before I could write it. Lets pray together for all hurting hearts – the innocent and the dark ones. They’re all in need of healing and we are so powerful together.

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