Happy now = happy later

I have had a lot of practice bringing my best self to the moment lately, in spite of less than ideal circumstances! Last week when I had health problems and decided to drive up north to help friends anyway, I really had to focus on the moment. Being bloated to three times my size, and in a lot of pain, I found solace in thinking very uplifting thoughts, listening to beautiful music and breathing deeply. I focused on what it felt like to feel good, and affirmed I would soon be better. I focused on the blue sky, the beautiful natural world all around me, and the fact that whether or not I was walking or waddling, I was going to have a good time!

Sure enough I did have a good time. I think the fact that I was not focused on my condition helped me heal faster. Instead of whining about not being able to hike, I rested more than I had in ages. Instead of complaining about not being able to eat much, I focused on the fact that I could enjoy a good cup of coffee and some delicious fish I had prepared. Instead of thinking of hurting, I helped my friends and enjoyed good conversation. Instead of being all wound up about what I could not do, I relaxed into appreciation for what I could. I will look back upon those few days and completely forget the pain but instead will have some very happy and fun memories!

Life does happen now. The angels constantly remind me that although we all have bigger goals, why wait until achieving them to be happy? Why not give yourself permission to be happy even before the bills are paid, even when you don’t feel too wonderful, even when someone hasn’t been nice or someone hasn’t been helpful? Why wait? We can wait a whole lifetime to be happy, always putting it off until something changes in the outer world. Or, we can make the best of now. One good now, turns quickly into another, and another, and another, until you are having a really good life.

I’ve had more than my share of pain, betrayals, disappointments, unkindnesses, etc over the years. And yet when I look back on my life I see beautiful moments, one after the next, peppered occasionally with a few that I’ll remember humorously as crazy creations that taught me a lot about how to be kinder to myself.

So breathe! Now is pretty good. Now you and I are sitting somewhere comfortable, and we’re connecting, perhaps half way around the world, in a moment of shared unconditional love and truth. Come to think of it, “now” is pretty wonderful!

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