I woke up late last weekend – too late for a long hike – but decided nonetheless to drive up north. I was feeling total bliss and joy in my heart, yet also felt a sense of unease I couldn’t shake. I could feel mischief afoot. There are forces that do not like my light and try to mess with me from time to time.

They too are part of One, albeit clueless. They try to inspire fear in me so I attract a mess. I wasn’t willing to dance. “No fear McNuggets, now! Sorry” I joked humorously. I imagined turning to pure light and casting away the denser energies. Still, a feeling of unease persisted that I recognized as guidance. I wasn’t afraid. I just felt wary.

“Am I ok to go?” I asked. I imagined arriving up north and felt ok. When I pictured being on the road, however, something in my inner guidance system went on high alert. “Be careful on the road, Ann. Pray for protection.” I don’t take such feelings lightly.

So, I did. I surrounded my car, the road, the other drives, and everything around me with the blue light of Archangel Michael’s protection. I enjoyed the music and the scenery, as usual, but remained highly alert. I felt fine, but knew, instinctively, that this was not a day to indulge in daydreams.

About an hour into the drive, a 4×4 truck up ahead of me, suddenly lost its truck bed liner. Without warning, the huge, heavy rectangular piece made of hard black plastic with walls on three sides, lifted up into the air, and started to fly straight for my windshield.

Time slowed down. I was going 75 mph watching this thing fly at me., but it seemed as if everything was moving at a snail’s pace. There was no fear whatsoever. I was in an altered state.

“Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… BRAKE! Swerve!” Something bigger than Ann took charge. I braked and swerved just as it smashed into the road ahead of me and bounced harmlessly to the center of the highway. Thank God (literally!) the cars behind me followed and we were all OK. Thank God there were no cars in the other lane. The truck driver was oblivious.

You think I’d be shaking but instead all I wanted to do was dance! I had been guided! Protected from harm! So were the other cars on the road! I felt the joy of feeling God’s love wrapped around us all and knowing that no matter the darkness or mischief in the world, no matter the unforeseen circumstances, no matter the things that break, don’t work, the viruses, the war-mongers, etc. we are safe and protected if we truly live and abide and rest in God’s love.The light of Divine Love is my security, my rock, my fortress.

I have heard incredible stories about this type of protection. I’ll never forget reading about a woman whose hotel room was broken into, back before they had those double security locks they do now. She said she was compelled to send the intruder love and to think strongly. “This isn’t right. You are my brother.” The man turned and left muttering, “This isn’t right.” Such is the power of love over any sort of darkness.

So rather than fearing the world, trust in Love. Rather than worrying about viruses, develop a strong physical, and spiritual immune system. Rather than worrying about politics, pray to uplift everyone involved.

It is our light and our intentions that protect us from harm, and while I used to argue that it didn’t do much good for folks like Jesus, Joan of Arc, and Gandhi, the angels would always lovingly remind me that slim few are called to martyrdom. Most of us, happily, are called and guided to a greater joy.

Here are some pointers to help you better hear or feel your guidance:

1. Practice “Peace Breaks”

Stop periodically throughout the day for only a minute. Breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine yourself enveloped in a field of beautiful white light emanating from your own heart. Say to yourself, “I am peace. I am bliss. I am safe. I am loved… I am love.” Bask in this peace once you breathe into it. Memorize how it feels.

2. Tune into your own feelings

When you think of doing something, does it inspire a natural joy, or a manic hopefulness? Does it feel unpleasant to think of it, or do you feel neutral. As the angels pointed out, happy, inspired feelings are a green light. Dread, or feelings of hesitation are suggesting you not “go there” or telling you to “proceed with caution.”

3. Be intentional

Set your intentions in life. When you go on a trip, be it a flight or a road trip, intend to travel with ease, grace, and joy, in safety and bliss, with inspiring miracles and unexpected joys awaiting you!

When you have to go somewhere and you don’t feel secure or confident, be very clear that you are creating a joyful journey unfolding in peace, love, and protection. Imagine yourself surrounded with light.

Every time I go for a drive or a trip I set my clear intentions. Years ago, when we had a family gathering in Florida during hurricane season, I set a clear intention: “Dear Weather Spirits, please be kind to us. Grant us calm and beautiful weather for my parent’s celebration. No hurricanes, please!” One hurricane went south. One went north. One expired the first day of our trip and one arrived the day after we left.

Intentions and prayers either shift circumstances or guide you away from trouble.

In an unstable and uncertain world, with people flipping out and a great deal of unhappy interchanges, we can experience, joy, peace, and security – born of a power much higher than this 3D world, and One whose guidance is accessible to us simply through trusting our own natural feelings as they arise from within.

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