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For the last few years, I’ve been passionately creating “Ann & the Angels” shows. I’ve put in over 1500 hours, thousands of dollars, and all my heart. Karl at the station has done the same. We’ve been so inspired by the results. Each week viewers report miraculous help, angelic assistance,and transformations in their lives.

We were going strong, with no plans to stop any time soon… until a single remark made by someone unrelated to our daily activities – a remark I typically would have ignored – catalyzed me to stop, look in my heart and realize the quiet whispers were gently guiding me to shift directions.

“Stop filming new shows for now,” the guidance said. My mind didn’t want to hear that. I love everything about what we’ve created, and I love the angel energy while filming. I love the Wednesday night family of viewers. I love the idea of sharing everything I’ve learned with the world. I’m Aries and have a tendency to get going and keep going, regardless of sleep, effort, or conventional logic.

However guidance is dynamic and just as there seasons in nature those seasons exist in our lives as well.

After more sitting quietly and contemplating the whisper of guidance, I saw its wisdom. I have been going so strong that I’ve maintained only a delicate balance in life. I have 84 episodes of life-changing material available as video-on-demand right now, and other than letting you and my Facebook friends know, I haven’t done a bit of marketing outside these circles.

There is an entire world out there, with many people feeling alone and in pain, and I’m sitting on a video library of inexpensive material that could help bring heavenly love and assistance to those interested… but it is a well-kept secret! I could feel the angels breathing a sigh of relief when I started to understand that this wasn’t the “end” of the show but rather a simple shift to help get the word out to more in need. I’ll be able to modernize my own website to better serve you, and maybe even get going on other projects that many of you have asked for 🙂

I was concerned about disappointing Karl at the station, but as always God knows best. He’s been updating their awesome new website and preparing to film the upcoming International Association for Near Death Studies Conference.

I was afraid of disappointing my Wednesday viewer family, but I know God has wonderful things, or maybe just some rest, in mind for them too…

Here are a few tips to help you hear and understand your guidance this week…

1. Guidance is dynamic and given in the moment

Just because you were guided to do something two days ago or two years ago or even two minutes ago, doesn’t mean you are still being guided to continue.

When something makes you feel “off” or “unhappy” sit and breathe and ask for your guidance for right now. Listen to your heart’s subtle desires… in the moment, for the moment.

2. Guidance is often subtle and seems insignificant to the mind

We often want the one life-changing thing to be revealed. More often guidance is subtle. You have the urge to rest, relax, get going, do something, read something, go somewhere, etc. It just feels like a gentle desire, not a rip-roaring, “This will change your life” solution.

3. Guidance does not always seem related to your desires

I once asked the angels how to make more money. The answer was to forgive an ex-boyfriend. Many of you have heard this story. I argued until I understood that my energy was not in the right space to manifest anything until I let go of my own negativity and focus on this man’s effect on my financial life!

Sometimes I ask for guidance and all I get is the desire to get a cup of coffee. I love coffee! I slow down, sip, and relax… and in that space, I am ripe to receive greater assistance. It might not solve my challenges, but it gets me into an energy where I can receive greater help, assistance, and guidance!

So when you have a subtle urge, even if it seems unrelated to your goals, listen.

4. Guidance serves all souls involved… Even if you can’t see it

Sometimes listening to your guidance means you will temporarily disappoint others, but you can trust you will serve their souls. I once had to turn down a man who wanted a reading immediately. I was already max’ed out and couldn’t fit him in without exhausting myself. I had to disappoint him to listen to the subtle guidance saying, “no more today.”

A cancellation suddenly opened for him, up two weeks later. He arrived in tears of gratitude. His dad had passed without warning a few days earlier. Had he come on the original date he would have not been ready to hear it. Now, because of guidance and God’s timing, he was able to hear from his dad in heaven and find peace


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