I used to be terribly impatient. I wanted “what I wanted.” “how I wanted,” “when I wanted!” That state of mind never made me happy. The angels reminded me frequently that it was an affirmation of fear, not faith.

I learned this the hard way after I wrote my first book. I sent out numerous query letters and and got an equal number of rejections. I got upset. That wasn’t what I was creating! I was creating getting my book published! I sent more letters, and received more rejections.

The angels suggested that I write one of the publishers and ask why they rejected me. The answer was enlightening. They said the book looked good but that I didn’t have enough experience in my field to have the large audience they required to ensure a profit. That answer shaped my future.

I sat back and started to re-evaluate what I wanted. Did I really want to be a famous author? Why did I want to get a book published? What was underneath all this? I realized that part of me wanted to “prove” to family and former friends that quitting engineering was a good decision and that I could succeed as an author. I threw that reason away. It was ego-based and would never give me true satisfaction.

I kept digging inside myself, and found a deeper, more authentic desire. I wanted to share the angel wisdom and tools that had made my life happier, better, and more free. I didn’t care if became famous. That was something I’d seen as a means to an end. “How do you reach people? Get famous.” I realized I didn’t really want to spend time promoting a book or doing tours. I just wanted to share information. I knew I could start that right away.

I did readings and taught classes. I envisioned having online education five years before YouTube existed and over a decade before home live streaming was a viable technology. I gave up the “how” and “when” for my future dreams, and focused on a happy now. Doors started opening.

Many of you know the rest. I ended up self-publishing with a company that bore my dog’s nickname! I ended up speaking at conferences with famous authors. I ended up meeting the live-streamers for Braco, who were just starting their “spiritual-netflix-type site online.

They contacted me, gave me the freedom to design my online “Ann & the Angels” series as I wanted, film it on my own schedule, and allowed me to price it lower than anyone else would permit me. Similar online programs cost $300 each. Mine costs $60 per 12 episodes. I wanted to offer high quality information at an extremely affordable rate, and they did too! The “Braco dream team” ended up being a a dream team for me. It wasn’t over. Later, Karl – CEO of sttreamingforthesoul.com –  urged me to gaze online, and volunteered to livestream me, propelling me further into a life I could not have imagined.

It was when I finally gave up my fears, doubts, and insistence on having life go “my way” on “my schedule,”that all my dreams started coming true – of course, better than my way and on a perfectly Divine Schedule.

Thank God for the gift of time which allows us to grow, clarify our desires, and attract better than what we’d create on our own.

Here are a few pointers to help you let go of the “my way or the highway” mentality so you can have better than what you want, on a Divine Schedule of course!

1. Clarify your real desires

Make sure you are creating what you really want, deep down, not what you think you “have to have,” to get what you really want!

Consider this real life example:

A student of mine (who ended up being an incredible manifester!) wanted money. What she really want was to pay off a 90K student loan debt. She wanted that so she could feel secure, so she could feel free to buy things for the family like a house and vacations, and to stop feeling like a failure for having so much debt.

She started to focus on the debt without shame, seeing it as just another bill. She imagined having the freedom to get a house, go on vacation, etc. She started to enjoy the freedoms she already had, and focused on what already made her feel secure.

Within a year, miracles showed up, doors and pathways opened, and the 90K debt was nearly all paid off. She manifested a house after that, vacations, and more. She focused on what the money would bring her, not the money itself.

If you focus on the “means” to and end, the soul does not get excited. It gets excited about the real goal.

Dig deep. Ask yourself, “Why do I want what I want?” Keep asking until you find the bottom line.

2. Give yourself the feeling now

Beneath everything you want is a feeling. If you didn’t think having something would make you feel better, you wouldn’t want it. If you want money, to buy something, or pay off debt, how will that make you feel? Secure, abundant, expansive, free?

Find the feelings. Then ask, “How can I bring that feeling into my life now, if only in small ways?”

3. Trust Everything

When you are manifesting, you have to trust that everything that come up is part of your manifestation. If you don’t get what you want, there is something better. If something doesn’t happen when you think it should there is more divine timing. Everything is in divine order.

A client’s trial was postponed and he was deeply disappointed. A large company tried to steal the income they contractually promised him. He needed the money and was anticipating the upcoming trial. Later he found out the original judge wasn’t favorable. The unwanted delay gave him a judge that ruled in his favor and changed the course of his life.

When I’m manifesting I tell myself often, “Trust Everything!”

When impatience, doubt, fear, or resignation hit and you start to think your dreams won’t happen, refocus, do the simple steps above and get back on the right wavelength.  Choose to be happy now and you’ll be creating an even better later!

Remind yourself, “The best “high” way isn’t always my way!”

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