God’s plans

I keep learning deeper levels of surrender to life, to love, and to my own heart. I went up north for a fall hiking trip last weekend. I arrived on a Friday afternoon and had some time before sunset so I started thinking about what I would do. The heavens intervened. A strong thought to go to a very specific location kept popping in my head. It was so compelling I gave up on “my” plans and surrendered once again. Once I arrived at the park, I had a strong compulsion to park in a very specific space. After parking, I looked up. In front of me, sitting on a park bench was a very dear lady I know and adore. We had not talked to each other. She had no idea I was coming to town. I had no idea she would be there… in front of my car nonetheless! Of course we squealed with delight, marveled over the miracle and she had time to introduce me to another friend she had wanted to meet! This friend and I both did healing energy work so we sent her a loving dose! We were all thrilled and delighted once again by heaven’s coordination.

The entire weekend went that way. I ran into clients I saw 20 years ago who needed a little love, a lady who knew my other friends who had wanted to meet me, a person I worked with 20 years ago in the middle of the forest! I did Online gazes with Braco in the middle of the night since he was broadcasting on European time. I caught myself drifting to sleep before a few… usually I would have been irritated with myself and fought to stay awake, but instead I surrendered peacefully, and had vivid dreams of gazing in my sleep! I woke up feeling wonderful!

The more I surrendered, the more the coordination in the universe becomes apparent. These days I just trust that everything that happens is for the greater good. The more I accept that, the more good I see!

I have dreams too, things I’d love to have happen in my life, so I’m surrendering even those to God. Being able to put my shows together more easily is one. You would think that would mean making more time to sit in front of the computer. Instead I’m outdoors more…where I think more clearly. Brilliant… but again God’s plan was better than mine!

So when you don’t know what to do, surrender to the heart, because in there, you will find the most loving thing to do now, and now, and now again! It may not seem related to your problem or challenge. It may not seem related to anything at all. Sometimes I’ve been sent to Starbucks just to change my energy to a vibration more compatible with my joy! Sometimes I am sent there to cheer someone up. Sometimes I just want coffee! These are small things but when we trust on the little things we learn to trust even more so on the big things.

So this week, honor your hearts and see what comes of it! I love hearing these “miracle” stories… they will never cease to amaze or delight me!

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