God knows what he’s doing

I went up to Flagstaff with a friend this weekend. I’ve been really wanting to drive up north, and finally got a day to escape. Coincidentally while cleaning my desk out last week I found a gift certificate for breakfast at a sweet little Inn in Sedona. A friend and I took off and headed for an early breakfast by the creek. We surrendered the day to God intending magic and miracles and leaving our expectations behind. The breakfast was a delicious gourmet buffet by the creek at Briar Patch Inn (www.briarpatchinn.com) which, we discovered, is truly a place that might just be heaven on earth. I thought I died and went to heaven! The canopy of trees swayed in the wind, the creek gurgled by, and the coffee was better than any I’ve ever tasted. I need to thank Alba who is a fantastic massage therapist at the Inn, and also a mystical artist whose portraits turn into angels and fairies, for the experience. You can see her art here (www.albaelena.com).

We continued our drive up the creek and all the way to Flagstaff for a walk in the aspen forests. I’ve been craving the still majesty of the aspens for months now. In the summer, the grasses grow a foot tall under towering trees with white bark and leaves that rustle at the slightest breeze. Blue Lupine flowers were giving us their last show of the year, and the squirrels were busy stashing pine cones that dropped in abundance from the ancient conifers interspersed with the aspens. We saw mud wasps building a hive in the ground, getting ready for winter, a horny toad, butterflies, hawks, finches, and even some deer! It was pure magic. At the end of the day we were breathing easier, totally relaxed, and feeling energized once again. Needless to say we’ve both been amazingly productive since then.

The angels always remind us that “God knows what he’s doing.” And while we laugh, and say, “Of course” it is a trick here on earth to constantly remind ourselves of the truth of that statement. I think that is why getting out in nature is healing for the soul, because nature is so beautiful and in such amazing balance it reminds us in a way beyond words, that we are connected with all of life.

When I look back at my life, every problem I’ve ever had has been solved. Everything I’ve ever feared has been handled. Things I thought were insurmountable obstacles are gone. Like nature, all things have their season and when we look back, spring always follows winter, and good times always follow tough ones.

This year has been tough for a lot of people. But for those truly surrendering to the moment and their own hearts, miracles are happening. There is timing to everything and if we surrender our need to control how and when things happen, God has a way of making sure they happen in perfect timing. I had a lot of work I should have/could have done instead of going out doors, but the work got done more quickly because I was happy and energized.

Listen to your hearts, even if they don’t always make sense. If you feel you MUST get something done, and it isn’t truly urgent, and your heart isn’t in it, sit still and ask your heart what it DOES want to do. Then do it soon as you can. God really does support all the things we want and all the things we must do, but there is a timing that makes everything easier if you listen 🙂

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