Giving thanks for it all

I love New Year’s! It feels like a great excuse to say out with the old and in with the new! I used to take time each New Year’s to look back and see what I could do better, but the angels have taught me to look back and give thanks for everything I’ve been through – the “good,” the “bad,” and yes even “the ugly,” as we like to say!

So as I look back this year, I give thanks for everything. I went through some painful circumstances in my personal life that led me to trust God more deeply and to know and teach self love for a very deep and beautiful place. I went through health challenges that helped me learn to take care of my spirit and therefore body in whole new wondrous ways. I went through a small house fire that led me to a clean and beautifully upgraded home that I absolutely love. I became even closer and developed even more beautiful relationships with my family. I learned to truly relax when I needed to. I reconnected with my love of creativity. I found a level of deep authenticity that I didn’t even know was there. As a result my life now feels magical once again. It is peaceful, and while there will always be challenges, I have a deep and abiding trust that truly God will carry me through anything I create with great grace if I allow for it.

It is a beautiful thing to look back over the year and find the gifts in everything you have experienced, because this makes you feel abundant, loved, and blessed, no matter how great the challenges.

I wish all of you a beautiful new year, a year of hope, inspiration, love, joy, abundance, and all that your heart desires. Above all, I wish you the joy of knowing that you are perfect exactly as you are, even as we become so much more.

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