Its easy to give thanks for the wonderful and delightful things in life, but the true test is when we can give thanks even for the hard stuff. I knew something was up when my stomach started acting nuts earlier last week and I passed a car with the license plate 4GIVEN. “Yes! I said, I’m for giving! I like to give!!” I heard the angels laughing… “It says FORGIVEN Ann,” they said gently helping me understand the message. “You have forgiven everyone in your past who hurt you – inclucing yourself. You did it!” I was on top of the world, but still knew something was up. My stomach felt odd and my body never lies.

Sure enough a few hours later I ran into a former boyfriend who had been the most difficult person I ever spent time with. I helped him trigger and release his childhood anger as the angels promised I would, and in return I finally learned to let go of trying to ‘save’ or ‘fix’ another. I learned not to take things personally. I truly HAD forgiven both of us. And although we still don’t mix any better than oil and water, we’re on friendly terms. And best of all, I am able to look back and find gratitude for that relationship as well as the other challenging souls who have been on my path. I am who I am because of it all. Both the light and dark, the joy and pain, have shaped me as surely as the sun and the storms shape our beautiful planet earth. And just like stones polished by sand and sea, I’m strong, but much softer around the edges now.

The energy is extremely intense these days. It is like draino – there is so much fear that if you have a little you get sucked in. There is so much love that if you focus on that you can create miracles. There is such a desire for change, the anxiety and anticipation are like opposite sides of a sine wave, oscillating in our hearts. It is dredging up all that has lain dormant within people – both the secret dreams, and the old upsets, the talents and gifts we didn’t know we had, and our deepest fears. And so, it is very important to take time to SLOW down, maintain our spirits and focus on all the good there is.

If fear grabs you remember what you DO have. Give thanks for the simplest miracles. A bright yellow dandelion growing out of a crack in the sidewalk reminds us that joy can be found in spite of all obstacles. A feather in our path reminds us we are surrounded by angels. A penny on the pavement is God’s way of reminding us He is watching over us. I give thanks all day every day. I give thanks for my food, for the home I live in, for the ability to help others, for the people on TV who inspire and uplift me, for the clients who are working so hard in their own lives, for my family, friends, and even the difficult souls who have helped me learn to love myself and others more.

And I want to give thanks for all of you this Thanksgiving week. You inspire me, give me reason to keep going at times when its hard, and make me want to always grow and better myself so I can share some inspiration back. We are all one in this journey here upon the earth. Every single one of us experiences the same lessons in different ways, the same emotions at different times, and the same hopes and dreams for our earth. You are the abundance in my life and I am blessed to be connected with you all. It is because of people like you that I believe our world is heading towards a grand and glorious existence in the future.

God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and have a lovely week.

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