I’ve had an exciting few weeks to say the least! In less than ten days an uninvited spirit triggered a full-blown gallbladder attack, I broke my toe, and found out I had a very expensive car repair. Weirdly, I feel amazing! I’m pinching myself. It hardly seems real to be so happy and positive amidst all those “challenges” but truly, finally, I AM reaping the rewards of embracing them as opportunities.

The pissy spirit helped to catalyze a giant release for me in mind, body, and soul. Old frustration left my spirit and old junk left my body! I was guided to an herbal supplement the following week that dissolves gallstones and now I am eating with great joy! Best of all I got rid of a lot of old frustration at myself that invited these situations.

The car repairs – after years of manifesting, and giving thanks for the blessings in my life – didn’t even seem like a a challenge. I give thanks that the problem was discovered in the shop rather than me breaking down on the freeway. God always pays the bills.

The broken toe, however, got me at first! It felt like a huge challenge!

I had just returned from a glorious walk on Easter morning. The air was crisp. The cacti were blooming profusely. Hummingbirds danced and sang in front of me. The doves were singing… I felt so alive and blessed. I even took a dip in the cool pool before getting ready for the day, and then – happy, praying with gratitude, but not grounded while rushing around, I tripped, fell, and felt a pain that I’m all too familiar with, emanating from a poor toe that I’ve broken time and again. I sat there on the floor in total disbelief and watched it turn purple as the inner litany began.

“Oh NO! No. No. No! This can’t be happening! I felt great! I was happy! I was just looking forward to all the spring hikes! Oh! This SUCKS. How on earth did I let myself get so ungrounded… again! There goes my Easter. There goes spring. Oh. Ow.” My toe was the size of a small potato by this time and my stream of self-criticism and self-pity whining wasn’t making it any better.

Suddenly, I felt the angels around me, ever positive, gently, tenderly, lovingly reminding me that I could turn this to good. I conceded the upset. After all, there was no use whining. I knew they were right.

I started to create better thoughts. “It was probably no accident it happened on Easter! Maybe this is a chance to resurrect the light within even more strongly! Wouldn’t it be funny if I got enlightened over a broken toe? What if I can create a miracle… or at least heal it quicker than six weeks!

I sat down and put on my new brain-monitoring headband, the Muse 2, and went into a deep meditation. This little device is super cool. Every time my brain gets active the corresponding app gets loud and every-time I get calm the app gets quiet and birds chirp. If you’re interested, I did a review on YouTube, and even signed up to be an affiliate. If you use this link to check it out you get 15% off and I get a small commission.

Anyway, back to the story, it was really amazing because every time I started thinking something negative, the sounds on my app got deafeningly loud indicating my busy, crazy, brain waves! Every time I breathed, relaxed and surrendered, the sounds calmed. Eventually I got so calm I forgot the pain.

I did use common sense the rest of the day. I iced it, elevated it, and used my arnica and vitamin K cream. I went to bed intending a miracle and woke up, still in a lot of pain and barely able to walk! More opportunity! By this rime I was determined! I wasn’t going to let my good mood go down!

So with clear determination I laid down, did my prayers, called in all the spirit healers I know, and made a firm resolve to receive a miracle. I knew that the only space in which that happens is one in which I’m fully present to Divine love and nothing less. I reminded myself strongly, “I am not physical. I am energy. Energy can change in an instant.”

Suddenly it occurred to me to do my Wim Hof breathing and to repeat what I call my “Divine Mantra” – a saying the angels gave me that I use in my classes and other work. It helps me quickly surrender into the truth of my being… “I am the love that lives in all things. I am the love that lives in all things. I am the love that lives in all things.”

I started to heat up as the Divine love arose from within. “I am the love that lives in all things…” I imagined the bones of my toe being clearly solid and strong, as if I was looking at an x-ray. While holding this vision I repeated my mantra, “I am the love that lives in all things.”

The warmth continued to spread through my body and suddenly traveled down my left leg and out through the toe. The horrible “broken-bone” throbbing stopped instantly and instead I felt only a bruised sort of pain. I got up and was able to hobble around. I decided I was healed and my body was going to catch up.

Far from having a “poor me” day in which I got nothing done, I got a lot accomplished… slowly! I answered my hundreds of weekend emails, wrote the newsletter for last week, got the house tidied up, and even hauled a load of stuff to the thrift store.

I still have to move like a turtle but the toe only hurts when I put pressure on it accidentally. It has not throbbed unnecessarily since that first day and it is healing quickly. Perhaps I’ll pull off a full miracle still! I’m working on it! I have to admit it is easier to do that for others than myself, but I may as well challenge myself while I have the “opportunity!”

Thank God for angels! They’re always so cheerful. They always remind me that if I can see the perfection inwardly of a given situation and find the opportunity within it, I will reap the rewards.

I decided a long time ago I’d rather handle the challenges first between my ears, and then find life solving them far more easily in the outer world.

Here are some pointers to help you see and embrace opportunity within life’s challenges.

1. Assume life loves you

Life does love you. The Divine loves you. The angels love you. Love is always attempting to flow into your life. Grace is always trying to work in our lives. We either allow it or block it. Life is not out to “get you,” no matter what it feels like.

Every tough situation is an opportunity to open to love.

The minute you feel challenged, as soon as you can, calm your mind, Sit, Breathe, and receive the love of the Divine and your angels. Allowing love to flow to you in this fashion is the first step in receiving help.

Take slow, deep breaths to calm the nervous system and allow grace to flow into you – body, mind, and soul

2. Look for the opportunity in the challenge

If you haven’t yet reaped the rewards of shifting your challenges into opportunities you won’t want to do this step. We humans are programmed to feel victimized, to blame others, blame ourselves, etc. However, once something is done, those thoughts are useless and only bind us more strongly to the problem.

Instead, ask yourself questions like these: What is the opportunity in this challenge? How can I grow? How can I embrace my inner power right here and now? How can I affirm my abundance? How can I use this as an opportunity to love myself more deeply, or love another? Really dig deep. Your soul will know the answers. Make a clear decision to grow. Pray and ask for help.

3. Look forward, not back

Refuse to look back. No “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s” are going to assist. Instead embrace the opportunity within the challenge. Take good care of yourself. Be grateful for everything. Focus on your healed, solved, amazing solution. Pray. Take time to focus on what IS working in your life. Slow down. Eat well… Do whatever you need to do to accept that this situation is trying to assist in you in creating a kinder, more loving, and more powerful life.

When water hits a rock that it cannot move, it surrenders, and the current carries it around the boulder. When we hit a situation we don’t know how to change, it is in our surrender to it, to prayer, and to love, that allows the currents of grace to carry us around the seeming obstacle.

Little by little as I embrace life’s challenges with zeal for the growth, they do cease to become so challenging. Years ago I learned to trust in the Divine for financial flow and no matter what has come my way something always works out. I don’t even get upset over that anymore.

The past few years I’ve learned to embrace even the nastiest souls with love, so they don’t really get me down for long either. Now I’m learning to accept physical challenges so I can overcome these as well. I’m working on it! What an opportunity!

This school called earth can be a tough one. The angels freely admit it. And yet, the opportunity to find and feel the LOVE and POWER that lives within us is such a blissful, beautiful thing, that I’m sure our soul knows it is worth every challenge we face!

Love you all!

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