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The angel message today reminds me of an old television special that used to air every Christmas. It was the little animated version of “The Little Drummer Boy.” In this child’s tale, Aaron, was a little boy whose parents were killed by bandits, and so he hated all people. To make a long story short he was forced to go see the baby in the manger and his little lamb was injured. The kings told him the baby could heal his precious pet, and yet when he saw kings giving great gifts, he felt that he had no gift to give. Instead of giving something material, he did the one thing he could do. He started playing his little drum, the drum that his father had given him the day before he died. And in that purity of love, the baby in the manger smiled and honored him by healing his little lamb. His gift, given out of a pure heart, was the one favored above all others.

After disasters I always ask God how I can assist. One year when funds were really low, I was told to send $333 to a specific charity. The man answering the phone asked me why that number and I explained the angel numbers to him. So perhaps the gift was not just the money but also the conversation. Other times, I have been urged to simply do “angel work” – to go into deep meditation and trust that whomever I saw in my inner eyes needed help, love, and comfort, and to give it to them. I will never meet those people and they will never know me, but for a moment if they were open they experienced a sense of well being and a knowing, that it will be alright. In this disaster I asked what to do and was told to give people here permission to be happy no matter what is going on in the world. The world needs our light. We help no one by being morose. We can do so much more when we accept and give thanks for the gifts we have. If anything I have become even more grateful an d appreciative of my life, am handling its challenges with few complaints, and have a deep desire to live my life more fully each day.

It struck me that for all the planning we do, worrying about the future, strategizing, etc., well not much of it matters. Our lives could end in a heartbeat, and so why not trust God, live in the moment and know that when we do so we receive the best guidance we can receive for the future as well. If we enjoy now, live now, and appreciate now, we are clear vessels for the guidance. If we are worried about the future, we might miss the signals that could give us exactly what we wish to create.

So if this disaster has highlighted anything for me it, it is the need to make the most of each day in my life, not by thinking about what that means but by breathing deeply, asking God to guide me, and living more deeply by heart.

Much love to all of you and my prayers and love go to all affected by the disaster,

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