Gifts from the heart

I love the angel message today. It is so true. I have forgotten most of the material gifts I’ve given over the years, but I remember the ones that came from the heart. The homemade macadamia nut butter warmed hearts and tummies one year. The handmade bath goodies are always welcomed. Homemade jams and jellies add a little sweetness to life. One year I did a photo book for my parents who had travelled so they could recall their beautiful memories. Last year several friends got “Elfed” when I snuck my homemade Christmas wreaths onto their doors with those 3M sticky hooks! Ring and run and off we went leaving Christmas cheer behind :)! Another year I gave friends the gift of a meal a month since I love to cook. It hardly cost a thing but it made their busy lives easier. And so every year I try to sit and think about what can be truly used, eaten, experienced, or appreciated, because we all have enough stuff and I would rather give memories and smaller things that mean more.

Some of the most memorable presents I’ve received are similarly thoughtful. One friend gave me a very beautiful red and gold glass Christmas ornament that reflected her elegant and beautiful personality and matched my tree. Another gave me a sunny pot of Calla lilly bulbs that reflected her bright and cheery personality and my love of flowers . A dear client who could rival Martha Stewart brought me the best roast chicken and potatoes I have ever eaten. Another client who was very tight gave me a gift card for $5 for a burger joint that I like, and I blessed this soul with every bite taken. A beautiful tea cup given to me by another dear lady continues to be a beloved possession as I sip my morning tea, and a massage from one of my close friends sent me to heaven. It is not the magnitude of what we give that counts, but rather the heart and the thought we put into it.

Somehow I have always known this. When I was little, my family and I would open our gifts on Christmas Eve, saving Christmas morning for the gifts that Santa Claus’s left. I LOVED to give, so much so, that when the last present was opened, I would run down into the basement and wrap up bags of beans or other pantry items, so I could give my mom & dad more presents! And while this was SO silly, in little girl logic, my folks got to unwrap more surprsies! I am certain their smiles came from the laughter in their hearts at seeing their kid gift them with their own possessions! Nonetheless, it was and still is, the thought that counted!

So this year, don’t worry about giving “enough.” Instead give from the heart, from the thoughtfulness inside of you, taking into account the person’s interests and desires. And as for gifts for those who “have it all” give experiences, your talents, a home cooked meal, an outing with them for a day, a letter sharing with them all you love about them, a gift of a donation on behalf of their spirit… you get the idea. More stuff is not better. More love always is 🙂

Share your beautiful light, heart, and talents this year and you will feel the joy of BEing You!

And for those of you who like giving homemade goodies, check out the recipe for Spiced Pecans which are SO easy to make and always loved 🙂

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