Freedom to choose

The angel message reminds me of something I once heard the Dalai Lama say. When asked why he didn’t hate those who had taken over Tibet and caused him to be in exile, he said something to the effect of “I had given up lives and country, why should I give up my mind?” This man who has more than just cause to feel sorry for himself than most of us ever would has chosen to make his life a brilliant beacon of inspiration. How many of us will ever be exiled, have to escape our homes, hike in the harsh climate of the Himalayas, and cross a huge river… all in the middle of the night, while fleeing for our lives? It is so easy to lose perspective on how wonderful our lives truly are.

So when you feel trapped in any way, remember as the Dalai Lama indicated, your mind is free. You are free to choose. You may feel stuck because you have to take care of someone. For several years I was committed to taking care of my aging dogs. I often said, “I had to,” but the angels reminded me “I chose to.” And in retrospect, I did choose to let them live until they indicated they were ready to go. The love was amazing. I’m glad I did. I have said, “I have to work more to pay the bills,” when in reality I could “choose” to give up some of life’s conveniences and work a little less. It is a balance. Years ago I read a book called, “Your Money or Your Life,” by Joe Dominguez that gave me great perspective there too.

So next time you catch yourself saying, “I have to,” remind yourself, “I choose to.” Even though it may seem our choices are limited, the more I work with angels, the more I see that we are actually far more free than we believe. Years ago, I asked the angels about a friendship that was forming and asked if it would go any further. “Well my dear the possibilities are endless. It is more likely you will be friends. However, you could become lovers. You could love one another, break up and then kill one another. You could walk in the woods and be eaten by bears!” They went on for some time, quite humorously but I did see their point! Every decision we make changes our future! Can you imagine the possibilities? They are greater than anything that even a supercomputer could produce, given the fact that we have opportunities for choice with each breath. We choose… and what a powerful freedom that is!

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