Follow your bliss!

Joseph Campbell always advised people to “Follow their Bliss.” Years ago I didn’t know what my bliss was. I just started taking self-improvement classes because I wasn’t happy with my life. And in a roundabout way, this desire for self improvement led me to go to bookstores. Angel books fell off the shelf. I discovered an interest in reading them, and trying to work with the angels. One thing led to another. I took more classes, attended groups, and finally a woman who ran one of the groups I attended pushed me to go interview to do readings at a local bookstore. I never planned or even desired the career I have now. I simply found it by following my interests and seeking more joy in life.

Rachael Ray, the famous cook, has a similar story. She worked in a food store and started giving cooking classes to help sell more food. She loved to cook. Soon she was on the road. One thing led to another and she was invited to be on TV. The food network saw and loved her and the rest is history. I heard her interviewed and someone asked if she had planned this life. “No way!” she responded. “Life just led me.” She followed her joy and is now a cooking angel to millions! She has inspired ME to cook and enjoy my life more on many a night, filling my belly with good food so I have the energy to stay up late and do my newsletters!

My friend Linda has a similar story. Her entire life she has loved animals. She has volunteered with animals, worked on legislation for kinder treatment for animals, and over the past several years has discovered a love and talent for doing energy work on them and communcating with them. One thing led to another and now she is doing Animal Reiki and/or Pet Communication for “Love Offerings” since she loves it so much! (If you are interested, visit her site here: I’ve seen animals just fall in love with her – everything from cats, dogs, horses, bees, goats, you name it! Because she followed her bliss she is now able to help animals and their owners as well. She was a huge help and comfort to me through Bruno’s twilight years and that freed me up to help others’ even though I was going through such a difficult time. I called her and Pet Psychic Marla S teele his two “girlfriends!”

Robin Miller, whose concert I am promoting (It is TONIGHT!! See below and hope you can come!), never imagined what following his bliss would lead to. He picked up his first guitar at age 7, started his first band at age 14, and was in Los Angels in 1991 trying to be a famous rock and roller when in desperation one night he fell to his knees and cried, feeling lost, abandoned, and not understanding why things weren’t working. A few months went by and nothing happened until one night he awoke in a dream in which his guide appeared and told him he was to be a messanger for spirit through his music and the written word. In years following, he changed directions and went on to win New Age Artist of the Year in 1993, to perform on NBC’s “The Other Side” in 1995, and then ended up touring and working with famous spiritual authors. In his case, as in mine, following his bliss didn’t lead where he thought it would but it led to something even more amazing – healing and uplifting the light workers as the frequencies of the angelic realms come through his music. HIs music has inspired and uplifted me (and my dogs!) for years, and on a few occasions I’ve had physical healings while listening to it. It soothes and lifts my heart and helps connect me to heaven, making me better able to serve you!

So follow your bliss, and if you don’t know what it is, like me, seek it out! Seek happiness with all your heart. Read inspiring books, take the time to be in nature or around what uplifts you (Sometimes it is a local Goodwill store) that does it for me, sometimes a cliff side at sunset!). Treat your own heart as if it is your most precious commodity, for indeed it is, and then you make room for a little magic to unfold in your own life! And when you do, know you will automatically be helping the world as well. We are all intricately connected.

Hope you can come to the concert tonight! It is sure to be amazing energy!

Love and light and JOY!

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