Focus and faith

I’m busy having another fun lesson on how swimming in big energy means that I must be careful with my thoughts! I had a friend with shingles. This person handled it with such grace, that I felt such compassion I woke up one night wishing I could take it away from him. I really do know better! My friend got better. I got shingles. It was completely a vibrational resonance with that energy!

It started as a crazy rash on an ear, then on one arm. I bundled it up and didn’t think much of it, and luckily out of precaution didn’t touch anyone or anything so as not to share. But when lightning storms and shock treatments started going off in my body, and my skin started to look like I’d been in a cat fight, I knew I was in a predicament!

I am never one to believe in the physical laws of the universe are more powerful than the spiritual laws. Yes, I did have a moment of panic. I have so much going on, and if I do the textbook version of this thing I would not be able to accomplish half of what I want to do. I couldn’t settle for that! So I did all the right physical things to heal and decided I wanted a miracle. I prayed for the angels to remove any little last traces of energy in my system that contributed to this illusion of illness, and asked them to help fill me with radiant love and health.

I got guided to ask for help. I used to be too proud. I didn’t want to bother anyone. In the past I would have been embarrassed, being a spiritual teacher getting myself into such a challenge. However, pride is gone. The need to look “perfect” is gone, and I knew if I was going to have my miracle I’d need help. I wrote many people asking them to picture me radiantly healthy. I didn’t write to anyone who would worry because worry is like a curse that would make it harder for me to heal. I asked two very dear ladies who gaze with Braco in Europe to pray for me as they did and the next day I took a radical turn for the better! Still, I battled occasionally between faith/focus and fear. Every time I started feeling afraid, I stopped myself. “What are you creating Ann?” I’d ask. “A miracle,” I’d remind myself.

Even amidst pain, work, and putting together episodes, I focused on love – helping others, thinking good thoughts, sitting outside in the sun for fifteen minutes a day getting my Vitamin D and nature healing. I got guidance to websites that helped. Who knew Eucalyptus oil would be such a great healer? And apple cider vinegar, and a variety of other supplements. And after one particularly brutal night of wrapping in apple cider vinegar, I demanded a more comfortable treatment and was inspired to try wrapping myself in Manuka honey. Ah bliss!! It sped up the healing tremendously.

So, as I write this, several days in advance of when you’ll read it, I am happy to report I’m healing miraculously fast. I’m just focusing on a program of extreme self care, positive attitude, and an impeccable focus on radiant health. I’m looking forward to filming my next Series of Ann & the Angels and am hoping it will happen soon, but am surrendered to God’s timing as always! I’ll give you a sneak preview – Its called “A Romance of Life – 12 weeks of Living in Love with Life”… no matter what. It has been an absolute joy to create… and live this material!

So the moral of this story is… no matter what situation you get into, remember you have the power of God and the angels behind you to create something better. Focus with all the faith in your heart on the desired outcome and listen to the whispers of guidance – thoughs and feelings, that are part of your miracle.

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