Happy New Year… again! I feel very inspired this year. I had time to go within during my week off and both celebrate the things that work in my life and take a good look at what isn’t. It is easy, when you see those areas in life that don’t work, to feel upset at yourself or others. It is easy to pretend we’re victims. It takes effort to create. But oh how much more fun it is to know that we’re in the driver’s seat in our lives than to have our feelings bumped about by the words and deeds of others!

Not a single soul called me on Christmas this year. My family is going through some challenges. My friends were all busy with their own celebrations. I didn’t go anywhere this year. I decided I was not going to feel sorry for myself. I decided to create a Christmas immersed in the energy of the Christ. Upon awakening, when I do my daily intentions, I created the “most loving, magical Christmas possible” and then I let go and listened to my guidance. What a joy to create in streams of grace… I knew I was in for something wonderful!

Traditional or not, after eating a huge meal, I took hiking. The day was gloriously crisp, with a sapphire sky and white puffy clouds. I was enjoying my version of a White Christmas on a white quartz boulder in the middle of the desert, when I started to feel the “inner call” – a tugging sensation on my third eye that I meant I was in for some in the other dimensions.

It was then and there that I received the best Christmas present of all! In the waking dream, there were all my guides, including Jesus. In my body, I felt the love coming up from Mother earth, down from the heavens, coursing through me like rivers of bliss. I sat in silence in the midst of this powerful love, in a prayer without words. If there were words they would have said simply, “Dear God let the earth and all of humanity feel the peace, joy, and the light of the Christ light every day of the year!” As I write this I still feel the power of that love and my body is shaking with it. Bliss! We are SO loved!

That would have been enough to make my entire year, but it got better. At home I had the crazy urge to Google “Ice Skating Arizona.” Seriously! I didn’t realize we had ice rinks right here, in the desert. One of them looked as if it came straight out of a Hallmark Romance – with colored lights, music, and a huge Christmas tree right in the middle of the city! I had to go!

Happily I dug out my ice skates only to find they were so old they had disintegrated!!! After 3 decades off the ice, I had dust skates! That wasn’t enough to stop me. Laughing, I got in the car and got lost on the way because I was too busy singing Christmas Carols to pay attention to the roads! Finally I got present, surrendered to guidance, found my way, and remembered how to skate! Bliss. Total heavenly Christmas bliss! I taught a young woman to skate, watched a couple get engaged, and somehow managed to merge into that mystical oneness where there was only love sailing around the rink in a myriad of different shapes and colors… #feelingblissed

Here are a few tips to take your joy back when life doesn’t offer it the way you think it should…

1. View every complaint as an opportunity to create!

When something doesn’t look as you wish, ask what you do want? If you don’t like your job, what kind of job do you want? If your relationships are not loving, what type would you want to create? If your health isn’t where you’d like it, what would you like?

Take one complaint, right now. Flip it! What do you want?

2. Loose the limitations!

Just because we don’t know how to create something doesn’t mean a thing. The angels remind us…the power that lives within us is more powerful than anything outside of us. Don’t know how to create a new job? God does. I’ve been there. Relationships looking bleak? God knows 7billion people and the hearts of the ones that trouble you… not to mention your own. Don’t know how to heal? The Divine informs your body and mind with every deep breath. Start there, in-spire yourself with conscious breathing.

Not knowing how to have your desired life is no excuse not to focus on it. As the angels say frequently, “You can risk dreaming success or guarantee your own disappointment.”

3. Commit!

Commit to what you want. You don’t have to know how but you do have to stop complaining about its opposite. You have to start spending time focusing, feeling, and believing in the dream. Had I chosen to focus on being “alone on Christmas, forgotten, blah, blah, blah” my day would have been horrible! I chose to focus on God’s love, magic, and joy, and experienced better than I would have ever asked for. This is true in all areas of life.

I was a disgruntled young engineer and when I finally started believing God could offer something more and focusing faithfully on what it would feel like to “wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living doing something I loved, this is where I ended up! It wasn’t even on my radar!

So, try, this year, to flip your complaints, lose the limits, and commit your thoughts and feelings to what you want. Sure, it IS work! But I’d rather do inner work any day, and call up the love that lives within us, than give my power to be happy to outer circumstances that I can’t control!

I wish for you a magically, powerful, loving, abundant New Year!

Love you all!

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