For decades I’ve had a sign on my desk:

Imagine is the key
To any future, I Dare to Dream

It reminds me of the importance of a healthy imagination. When I was little my dad used to say, “An active imagination is the sign of a healthy mind.” I liked that. He’s a scientist. He has to imagine new possibilities or his work would stagnate.

I take time to imagine wonderful things every day. When I wake up I imagine feeling like I’ve had a wonderful, flowing day at the end and usually I do. I imagine friends and family happy, healed, and whole. I imagine a world where people treat each other with love and kindness. I imagine myself doing whatever it is I’m learning to do. For example when I decided to do my first ice bath I imagined sinking into a deeply meditative space and feeling that peace, and presto, that is what happened.

Whether life is going my way or not on the outside, there is always a marvelous world awaiting me on the inside. I put that to good use. As I create good feelings in my inner world, good things happen in my outer one. It is not only a playful childhood game of fantasy to imagine fantastic inner realities, it is a powerful spiritual tool.

I recently got some news about more big bills, another big repair, and this came on the heels of getting a new a/c and researching new computers. For just a moment – a very human moment –  I became concern and started to do lots of math and contemplate lots of solutions. I caught myself and stopped. I wan’t creating from the heart. I went inward immediately. I started to thank God for the incredibly abundant life I experience now – rich with love, rich with family, rich with friends and a home I love, rich with the joy of the season, wealthy with citrus and roses. In less than a minute I was feeling like the luckiest woman alive. Solutions began to come to mind. Answers and clarity arose. I was able to imagine more and life kept shifting around me.

Our life and our world is like a kaleidoscope that we turn with a single shift in our inner focus. Change the inner, you shift the outer. In a higher vibrational space we have the wisdom of God, the strength of Job, the clarity of a laser, the patience of a saint. In our joyful inner world –  where we experience our best feelings –  we become our best selves.

As a result, ittle by little our inner reality starts to shift and change all that we experience and attract in our outer world. It may seem like magic, and it often feels like magic, but in reality, this is just the way the universe works!

Here are some fun ways to create a blissful inner world.

1. Create a Favorite Inner Place

Some call it the happy place, your inner heaven, your go-to spot for meditation… It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you take the time to create an inner reality that will make your heart sing, time and time again.

It can be based on a memory of somewhere you’ve been or someone whom you’ve been with. It can be based on an imagined future. it can be based on pure fantasy. the subject doesn’t matter. The feeling does.

You want to dream up an inner reality where you can go in your mind, time and again, knowing you will feel wonderful when you do.

This flexes the inner muscle that allows you to choose, or at least change, your mood.

2. Randomly look at a person and imagine they are a person you love

Pick someone out of a crowd. Imagine they are your brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandchild, best friend or beloved. Imagine you dearly love them. Imagine how you’d interact. Imagine them being kind to you and you being kind to them.

This flexes an inner muscle of seeing the good in all people!, which often draws it forth.

3. Find a beautiful picture of a place – real or fantasy and “go” there

Find a beautiful photo of a beautiful place _ somewhere in nature, in a city crowd, on the beach, at a spa, resort, or safari. Just make sure it lifts your heart. Now imagine yourself there. Make up a story of the miracles that got you there. Feel blessed and grateful.

This flexes your manifesting muscle 🙂

Have fun this week randomly going within, creating wonderful worlds, and more so, exploring the inner world of wonderful feelings! What a gift to yourself!

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