I’ve been fascinated with rainbows since childhood. I remember feeling very smart when I memorized their colors as a child… ROY G BIV reminded me of “Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.” I’ve seen rainbows in huge circles from the sky while flying and I’ve danced in the end of the rainbow once on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. I’ve been fascinated by their transparent ethereal and vivid colors that remind me of the colors that I’ve seen on few occasions when a human aura has popped into view. Rainbows remind me of heaven – always there, and yet not always seen. Truly they do only exist when the very bright light of the sun shines against the blacked sky. How fitting, that we can only see heaven when we shine our own light in the darkness at times.

Rainbows also seem to have the uncanny ability to show up just when I need a healthy dose of love and validation from the heavens. Years ago when I was getting a divorce, I asked for a sign that I’d be happy again and a big beautiful rainbow broke out in the heavens within minutes. When I was sick before, and praying for comfort, again, the rainbows appeared. After a massive home repair earlier in the year, I went outside to see… you guessed it, the rainbow once again! And after my recent health challenges, on the day I was celebrating my return to eating once again, there it was again, a rainbow in the heavens. God does seem to take every opportunity to remind us that we are engulfed in a universe filled with love. We only have to focus on the light to see it.

I have been taught by the angels to bring light into just about anything. When I was feeling horrible a few weeks ago I chose to love myself, be kind to myself, reach out for help, and avoid beating myself up. I spent money allocated for other things on my own healing and didn’t worry about it. I chose to be honest with those around me about whom I could and whom I couldn’t serve while I was healing. It was liberating, and enlightening to deepen my adventures in self love, healthy eating, and rest even in a difficult time. Likewise with the little house fire, that could have been a massive opportunity to focus on what was wrong. I was the one who fell asleep after all while cooking. I didn’t waste a minute beating myself up. I treated myself with compassion. Wonderful people helped me. My house is going to be very clean after the next few weeks, thanks to my amazing insurance company. Again, focusing on the good, the gratitude, and the gifts, has brought many rainbows into this little storm in my life. Those opportunities are always there.

So when you find yourself in a challenging situation first and foremost, be kind to yourself. Ask yourself, “What do I need here to lift myself up?” “What can I be grateful for?” “What do I need to allow myself to feel?” “What gifts can I find in this situation.” Then look for the rainbows – the beauty and the gifts to unfold…. and who knows, mother nature may just give you a real rainbow every now and then 🙂

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