Feels better to love!

After last week’s message I want to reassure everyone that the dogs are fine and so am I. The dogs were over their little tiff far before I was! The angels told me years ago that my female dog is my teacher of annoyance. She is sweet and playful sometimes and cranky and pouty at others. Sometimes she smiles and at other times she glares as if I am the worst thing that ever happened to her. The angels said she is prone to jealousy, moody, and wants things her way at times, and yet at others she is the most loving and sweet little girl. She teaches me to love more.

Its easy to love when she’s being sweet and kind. Its not so easy to love when she glares at me, pouts, or does something awful like biting my other dog last week. And yet the heavens task me with the job of getting over MY upset and realizing that the only way to truly heal anything is to love. And so I go off in MY corner when I get upset, and vent in my journal, breathe deeply and ask the angels for calm, and finally realize the truth is that I DO love her, and I love everyone so much I want everyone to get along. I was so angry this time that I wasn’t sure if I could find the love in my heart for this difficult dog one more time. And yet I prayed, and asked God to heal both of us and the relationship in between us. It worked. Prayers like that always work if they are sincere. There is peace again.

Regarding angry spirits that come around every now and then – I had a lot of people write in and ask me about that. The truth is, in both the human and the spirit world, there are loving souls and upset souls. There are angels in th heavens, and lost souls who wander the earth. And the ultimate truth is that like attracts like so when I’m worn out and cranky I will attract tired and cranky souls. And while the angels COULD protect me from them, they made it clear to me years ago that the growth I wanted this lifetime is to truly realize the oneness of creation – to totally immerse myself in the truth of God’s love and realize there is nothing to fear, except, as JFK said, fear itself.

The angels remind me that the true “enemies” are fear and ignorance, and lack of awareness of God’s love. When we exist in love nothing can get us, not even the demons who forget God’s love. So I must strive always to keep my energy flowing, my love growing, and my sights set on God. When I do not, I am open to attack, and that is part of the path I chose to walk this lifetime – to remain in the light or become aware very quickly that I am not there. Early on in my psychic career the angels gave me an exercise to sit quietly in a dark room and invite the demons in – to let them touch me and to feel their fear and anger.. and then to set my focus on God’s light. The second I had total focus on God’s light it was like switching channels on television – there was nothing but love. I didn’t have to do this exercise, but I’m glad I did. It imprinted a powerful truth in me. In God’s love we are safe. In God’s love we are comforted. In God’s love we are totally taken care of.

And so it is every moment of my waking life. This ability to reach for and feel God’s love is what enables me to look past the anger and sadness and terrible life situations that my clients endure, and to love them no matter what. This is what allows me to get over my own upsets and find love again – because that is the truth of who we are and in the space of being a loving being, you cannot feel anything else. This is what allows me to love myself even when I’m being profoundly ungraceful and human. “Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of darkness, I shall fear no evil” becomes reality. I am not there all the time. I’m still human, still learning, still growing. But this is what I strive for.

It sure feels better to love!

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