Fear & A baby goat

A few weeks ago I was quaking in unreasonable, but nonetheless, very real fear. I had decided to remove a few fast growing little moles on my legs with an herbal salve. I didn’t apply it correctly the first time and had to reapply. I was unprepared for the pain… and the fear that ensued.

I spent an entire night awake shaking as if I was being attacked. I knew it was ridiculous. I’ve had all sorts of different pains before and have just breathed through them and surrendered. This was different. I knew I was unearthing some deep old fear from another life. Intellectually, I knew I’d be OK and did everything in my power to return to truth. I asked the angels for help, watched soothing videos, talked to dear friends, and gazed for myself. Within a few days I was feeling much better. Without the fear, the pain wasn’t so bad. The salve started doing its job. Nonetheless, every now and then the fear crept in, and I started shaking uncontrollably. If I hadn’t gone through this process a few times I would have thought I was crazy… but after years of this work, I know better.

Conveniently, my friend Summer Bacon – one of the clearest trance mediums of our time – was having an open session last weekend. While not everyone gets to ask a question, I called upon all the self-love I’ve mastered over the years and decided my name would be picked. It was… and the answer to my fears was hilarious!

I asked Dr. Peebles, the angel that comes through Summer to make sure the problem areas in my leg were going to heal. “Now that’s interesting,” he told me. “You’re dealing with a lot of past life fear. You need to do a little forgiveness here.” I readily agreed, knowing the fear was not from this life! “Well,” he said, “you were stabbed in a vineyard and you were so terrified you never went back.” I breathed a sigh of relief. The pain had felt as if I was being stabbed. We were getting closer to the real solution. “OK. Who do I have to forgive?” I asked, expecting the worse.

After conferring with other guides of mine, he said, “Its not what you think. You see you were stabbed by a goat, a baby goat named Molly, and she is terribly sorry.” I had my eyes closed as he answered and sure enough, there in spirit, I saw a precious little goat looking at me with the eyes of an angel, clearly apologizing for what must have been a very traumatic experience to me, as a little girl in a past life!

What a relief! This cute little furry critter had inspired all this fear? She showed me her razor sharp horns, then looked a me again, ever so sweetly. I started to laugh. Ironically the problem areas in my leg were spaced about exactly as far apart as baby goat horns would be! Laughter rippled through the room as well. Instantly the fear disappeared. That night, the salve worked its magic on one of the areas and drew out a now-inactive set of little tumors, relieving me of the pain! The other one is healing now too, and I’m still laughing. I spent all day shutting my eyes and kissing sweet Molly – the cute little goat in spirit – to reassure her that there is nothing but love between us!

Happily, many of you will never need be concerned with crazy past life adventures such as these! Nonetheless, there have been many times when perfectly normal fears hit me. In each case the angels’ advice and assistance has truly worked wonders! When your inner energy is returned to love, your outer life can’t help but follow along!

Here are a few tips to handle fears of any kind…

1. Ask yourself, “What is happening right now, within me, in this very moment.”

The answer will likely be that you are afraid. Get more specific. Find the fears to the degree that you can. Keep asking “What am I afraid of…” until you get down to the core. In my past life example, all I could find on my own was, “I am afraid of being attacked and in pain.” I didn’t know details. It wasn’t rational. But it was honest. You might be afraid of losing your home, afraid you can’t provide for someone you love, afraid of losing a job… keep going till you find the roots.

2.Next admit your fears to God and the angels, in private, and ask for comfort, reassurance and guidance

Be as a child here. Dear angels, I’m scared. I need your comfort, reassurance, and guidance. We have free will. We can try to solve everything on our own, or we can ask for help. Sit still while doing this.

3. Breathe. Receive

After you have asked for help. Shut your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Repeat, “I am loved. I am love.” Breathe deeply again and again say, “I am loved. I am love.” You can say this internally, or if you can, aloud. Do this over and over until you begin to begin to feel sweet relief.

5. Lastly, ask “What is my next step?”

Now that you’ve asked the angels to help calm the fears, you can hear more clearly. If you get a next step – a thought, feeling, image, etc., trust it. If not, try again the next day. Perhaps there is nothing yet to do.

Fear plays games in our minds. It tries to project scary scenarios into the future. We believe it, until we stop, look within, ask for help, and receive. In the heart space of receiving comfort, reassurance, and guidance – as innocently as a child – the fears dissolve.

No matter what the politics, the economy, the weather, or the health of our bodies and lives… love can transform anything in the light of its truth!

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