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When I do a new series of my internet show I challenge myself to live it. So, while we are airing “A Romance of Life” about finding and creating love everywhere in life, I’ve been particularly open to those magic moments. I just had another one a few weeks ago… and humorously enough, it created a story for my next series too… but that will be for another day!

A few weeks ago I got “the call” to go to Goodwill, a thrift shop nearby. It comes as a sudden urge to drop everything and get in the car. I know better than to argue. So I dropped everything and went to the thrift store! I knew I was there for a reason but didn’t know why. “Perhaps I was there to get some new outfits for the next series,” I thought to myself. That seemed likely… until I started running into a lady over and over, almost literally! Hmmm… I was here to meet this beautiful soul.

I started a conversation. I learned that this delightful woman from Hawaii raised orchids. Many had died while she was taking care of a family member who was also dying, so she was in the process of raising new ones. After awhile, she told me she was writing a book on native, natural cures. Now she had my attention! I love natural remedies! I offered her the name of my publisher and asked her to let me know so I could facebook it when she was ready. She started to realize I wasn’t some crazy “haole” (white woman!) but rather a kindred as well! The connection was beautiful. I felt compelled to share a little more with her as my angels told me she was on a tight budget but helped so many. She had tears in her eyes. I had tears in my eyes. She called me “sister” and we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. I felt so blessed, she felt blessed and our global family expanded just a little bit more!

The next week – logically unrelated, but spiritually connected – the orchids started to arrive. Clients started bringing me orchid plants! The picture advertising Braco’s gaze showed him among orchids. I was seeing signs of Hawaii everywhere! I felt like the Divine was celebrating our exchange.

So when you feel yourself drawn to speak to someone, don’t hesitate. You may look crazy. You may be ignored. But maybe you’ll find a kindred spirit. God does not make mistakes and we are often guided to cross paths with those whom we can assist and those who will inspire us as well. I reconnected with an old friend this week and we were overjoyed to talk about the growth we’ve both accomplished over the last decade, as well as how we can help one another in the future.

We are all family. We all crave connection with the Divine, with our deepest truest selves, and with one another. The Creator lives and breathes in all of our hearts and seeks to reveal itself through our beautiful and loving interactions.Open up this week and see what family members you discover here on this beautiful earth. Whether you make a friend for life, or a friend for a few seconds… love is love, and love feels beautiful!

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