This is a long one, but its a fun story of mind over matter while facing a past life fear…

I’ve had hundreds of emails from people this week going through intense fears, upsets, insecurities, flipped out relationships, you name it. Because I chose to make “honesty” (with self) my word of the year, I’ve been taking extremely good care of myself. As a result, I have had a more peaceful passage through this eclipse energy.

I was however, guided to confront and move past a past life fear! First a little background…

I was surfing YouTube one night with the intent of learning something new when I stumbled upon an interview with a guy named “Wim Hof” from the Netherlands. He’s also known as “The Iceman.” At age 17 he was inpsired to jump into a frozen lake. His breathing changed and he experienced what he calls “Connection” for the very first time – a mystical feeling of being at one with the universe. It set him on a lifelong quest that would eventually result in shifting modern scientific paradigms.

After the loss of his wife, grief catalyzed him to seek inner power. He broke one world record after the next as television crews challenged him to do the extreme – climb Mt. Everest in shorts, sit in ice water for over an hour without ill effect, run a marathon in the desert without water. Finally science got ahold of him and began to study the physiology of these “miracles.”

They proved that he alkalizes the body, mobilizes the immune system, and gains control over the autonomous nervous system – previously thought to be outside human control.

He allowed himself to be injected with endotoxins in a scientific study, to prove that his breathing system allowed him to control the immune response, and did so. He even trained 12 others, in four days, to do the same! Unlike traditional breathwork which engages the calming side of the nervous system (para-sympathetic), this one engages and then allows quick reset of the activating side of the nervous system (sympathetic). It seems counter-intuitive but it is scientifically validated to have phenomenal effects.

His now continues to work with researchers to prove this breathing helps to heal depression, ptsd, and more, and has a mission teaching others this breathing method that makes them “happy, strong, and healthy.”

I spent an entire Sunday night binge-watching the interviews. Mastery, mysticism, and scienctific validation? I couldn’t get enough!

I immediately went to his website,* read the science articles, and signed up for the free mini-class. After two days of doing the easy breathing exercises, I had more energy, clarity and focus that I’ve had in ages, not to mention passion and joy. Cuts started healing faster, my meditations went deeper. Something was definitely working! Instead of my usual 3 pushups (you can laugh!) I was able to do foureen after just one round of breathwork!

I loved the breathing. However, I was dead set against the second aspect of his training – ice cold showers. Not. For. Me.

I had good reason. I drowned on the Titanic and then starved and froze in my recent past lives. I’ve been in cold water voluntarily only a few times this life and each time I shuddered violently and felt a visceral fear as if my body knew I was going to die. I’ve tried to avoid that experience!!

So I shocked myself when suddenly I had the urge to watch and try out the second video. I got in my swimsuit, did the breathing, performed the specific technique to a “T” and stood there with freaking ice water pouring all over me feeling alive, exhilirated, and unafraid. Furthermore, weirdly, I was warm on the inside!

I decided to test this a bit further. I went up north and decided to stick my hand in the icy creek. At first it felt like cold pins pricking me but within seconds my entire body began to heat up. I got so warm I had to peel off my coat! My hand felt amazing. Circulation was better than usual. Next I stuck both legs and arms into the ice water. Again I felt the prickly daggers of cold and again I started breathing until the heat came on and I relaxed in this most amazing feeling of being vibrantly alive and warm!

I was euphoric! I wanted to dance! No more fear of dying. No more fear of freezing. Some deep old fear in my body finally let go as I recognized what the angels have said often, “The spirit is in charge of the body, not vice versa!” I’ve had experiences of this from time to time, but never with such joy!

So while there’s no need to seek out all your fears and upsets, if they do come up for examination here are a few pointers to deal with them below…

* Note that if you try his method, read the warnings on the website as people with certain conditions shouldn’t do it without supervision.

1. Bless the trigger and determine to reclaim your inner power.

When fear comes up, or anger, or any of a host of other unpleasant emotions, it is easy to blame the trigger. “That person hurt me.” “The ice water killed me in a past life,” and so on. There are a million life circumstances and things people can do to trigger our pain, anger, fear, or sadness.

It is a spiritual trap, nonetheless, to blame the outside world for these feelings. We can never move past them if we hold on to feeling victimized (the angels say you can be victimized without conscious consent, but it is a choice to carry that energy with you).

It is far more powerful to bless the trigger and determine inwardly to reclaim your inner power. A good friend says to herself, when someone hurts her feelings, “Thank you for showing me areas in which I need to grow into greater power.”

2. Ask your emotional energy what is is trying to teach you?

In my case, the fear was coming up to teach me I was more than a body. Although I knew that. It was time to have the experience a little more deeply.

Anger has come up in the past to teach me that I needed to change the way I treated myself when others wouldn’t, or at times to bring attention to areas where I needed more compassion – starting with myself.

Sadness has come up when I had to admit a need for comfort or help, and ask the universe to provide. In each case, the so-called negative emotion has a gift for you.

Ask what the gift might be.

3. Determine to make the appropriate changes and imagine handing the dense energy to the angels

For example, say someone really hurt you. Perhaps the message is that you are being asked to focus on more pleasant experiences in life and move your attention away from them. Perhaps you’re learning boundary lessons. Perhaps you’re learning to put your foot down. Your spirit will tell you. Resolve to make the change and then imagine handing a mass of unpleasant dense, dark energy to the angels. They’ll burn it up in the light of love and “recycle” it! In my case the breathing burnt up the fear!

While it is easy to blame our moods or fears on others or the world, there is great power and freedom in owning and learning from our own reactions! Try it this week and although it might not be comfy at first to give up victim thinking, it will definitely be empowering!

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