Facing & erasing fear

People are writing in asking me about Ebola, etc. and the angels answer is always the same. There have always been plagues, but the greatest virus on the planet is fear. Fear acidifies the body, makes the adrenals fire cortisol which causes the fight or flight response, tightens the muscles and cuts off circulation which in turn keeps the body from cleaning out correctly. Fear blocks the flow of love and fear is the root of all that we call evil. So what do we do when fear grips our own hearts? As human beings we have all been afraid.

There was a time in my life back in 2009 when totally irrational fears began to grip me. I knew they were crazy and yet I experienced them, physically, as if they were real. My body was reacting as if someone was going to break down my door and kill me. I’m psychic. I knew better. But nothing in me would give me any rest. Typically I sit, breathe, and ask Archangel Michael to readjust my energy and within minutes I am feeling more peace, but during this episode nothing would touch the fear. I shook. I tensed up. I felt crazy.

The angels sent me to get a past life regression from Robin Miller, the musician who plays heavenly music in my seminars, on my CD, and most recently during my show. I didn’t know him well at the time but I took their advice, scheduled a session, drove to Sedona, and changed my life. Within two hours, in deep hypnosis, I saw lifetimes which would certainly inspire such fears! Being killed, imprisoned, etc… had left their mark upon my soul. The soul is like a pitcher of water. Each lifetime is like a glass poured out, having experiences, and then poured back in. When we come back to earth, our minds may not remember previous unresolved experiences, but something in us does and it can trigger some pretty crazy fears. To make a long story short, the session cured the fears.

It is not only these “big” fears that can grip up, but also the “every day” fears that are so common we barely notice them – fears of being late to work, fears of saying the wrong thing, fears about paying the bills… you name it. Each time we look at one of these fears we can face it, send it love, and in the case of many smaller fears dissolve them. We can say, “I see you and you’re not real.” We can breathe deeply, as we inhale, pulling in love, and as we exhale releasing fear and static. We can ask the angels soothe our energy as we do so.

It is very human to have fear, but the truth beneath it all is that we are eternal. We go on forever in our souls. We are cared for and loved by the creator of the universe and it it only our own misunderstandings – conscious and more often lurking beneath the surface subconsciously – that make us believe our fears. This week, pick one fear, big or small and breathe deeply. Ask the angels to help release you from its bondage. Your spiritual “immune system” is love any act of love, great or small, for self or another, will keep the virus of fear, and other viruses away from your system.

Love you all! Have a blessed and happy week.

PS – if you want some help from the angels, you can watch the trailer to my “Ann & the Angels” show… Listen to the music. Feel the words… and know you are loved. I don’t know how they did it but it ended up being 4:44 long, and its got some good soothing energy coming through it!

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