As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, my word for the year is “honest” because I wish to be more honest with myself about what I want in my life for me! I love to give, share, uplift, inspire. I also like to cook, craft, eat healthy meals, and learn… so many wonderful things I wish to learn! So this year I am being more honest about the work / life balance, and so far, so good… I’m in bliss! I’m taking more time for me each day and have an even greater passion for service as a result!

The Presence asked me the question early in the year… “Why are you settling Ann?” Settling?! I didn’t think of myself as settling! I love my home. I love my job. I love the people in my life. I love my family. Sure, in the past, I used to settle all the time. I’d settle for days which weren’t my own, relationships where behaviors were far less than kind, and so much more. I couldn’t quite see where I was settling…

However, with a little more honesty I took inventory of my life and time, and realized I was settling in subtle ways. I wasn’t always eating balanced meals. I wasn’t enjoying time to exercise. I wasn’t even always happy with my outfits. I was sometimes settling for evenings without inspiration… I immediately began to make changes.

I stopped making excuses and got back to meal prepping, visioning in the mornings, doing my yoga and sit-ups, and taking time in the evenings to learn something new. I weeded out my closet and got rid of every last thing that doesn’t thrill me. While I’m cooking or doing chores, I turn on YouTube and learn something new! I listen to beautiful music when I have a few minutes to refill my spirit. I make time in the evenings to practice something fun before bed.

With all those activities added to my days you’d think I’d have less time. In fact, I have more! I was wasting time and energy when I wasn’t caring for myself as well. Once I stopped settling for mediocrity in my life again I feel vibrantly alive.

It is all too easy to slide into habit patterns that feel “pretty good” but not the ones that make us feel passionate, vibrant and alive. There are also times in life when we’re glaringly settling for something really unpleasant, like a job or relationship that doesn’t work. There’s no shame in it. We’re all human and we’ve all done it! More than ever, however, I’m feeling the preciousness of the gift of life and don’t want to settle for anything anymore.

Perhaps you’re feeling that push from spirit too – to live in a way that feels vibrantly, joyously, alive!

If so, here are a few tips to help you shift out of settling, in areas both large and small…

1. Shut your eyes and get really honest with yourself. Where are you less than thrilled with your life?

Make a list of all the things you’d love to see different in your life, just trusting what comes to mind in any order at all… It can be anything from “I want a loving relationship, a new job, a better car, etc.” to “I want to organize the junk drawer and get rid of those ratty old socks!” Nothing is too large or small.

Honesty with self is the first step. The list can be as large or small as you like.

2. Once a week pick 2-3 items on your list to work on…Then, just dream it or just do it!

For the things you cannot possibly imagine changing or creating, go back to spiritual manifesting – envision the outcome you want. Feel it. “Dial in” and then “let go.” That is enough for now. You will be inspired to make changes at the right time in the right way. You don’t have to repeat this unless you fall back into fear or doubt. Just dream it!

For the things you know how to change, get busy! Get rid of those old socks. Stop spending time with people who drag you down. Take a very honest look at your schedule and be realistic about where you can create time to exercise if only for five minutes a day… Vow to take three deep relaxing breaths at every stoplight. Get real about the changes you can make and like the Nike sneaker ad used to say… “Just do it!”

3. Take time to enjoy the new good feelings!

It is SO easy to focus on the areas in life where we still want change but don’t forget to bask in the glory of your own successes. Revel in the fact that you like the socks you are putting on today! Enjoy the dreams you are dreaming and remind yourself that now you are creating and they must come. Enjoy the fact that you have decided to spend less time with folks that drag you down and banish the undeserved guilt.

Take time to acknowledge and congratulate yourself for treating yourself like an embodiment of Divine love, rather than an afterthought in your own life!

The more I experience the Presence of the Divine within, the more I know I must live as fully and joyously as possible. There are no rules around this. For some that would mean affecting millions and getting famous. For me it means expressing the love and compassion inside, sharing the wisdom I’m privileged to hear from the heavens and having a balanced happy life filled with great flavors, textures, sights, and sounds, wonderful relationships, and to continue learning!

I’m sure things will shift and change as life progresses, but for now, once again, I’m not settling… Hopefully you’ll be inspired to shift out of that reality too, even if it requires patience and trust as you shift your energy now to shift your outer world later 🙂

Love you all!

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