I was on the freeway the other day driving home when a sign said, “Accident at 7th Street. Expect Delays.” I immediately, without thought, began to pull off at the 7th street off-ramp. Then I proceeded to ignore my guidance and over-think the situation. “I don’t see any accident here. That sign must be old.” I ignored my instincts, got back on the freeway and as I drove over a hill promptly saw a line of traffic backed up so far I couldn’t see the beginning or end of it.

In the past I would have berated myself for ignoring my guidance. I would have been frustrated knowing that I was now stuck in what could be a long wait in traffic. But having had enough angel-mentoring, I knew there was always something more to learn. So I simply asked the angels, “What can I learn from this other than the fact that i know I could have saved myself some time and trouble by listening to my guidance?!” Their loving voices quickly filled my mind. “Every human being on this planet will look back and see opportunities they have missed. Everyone at some point in their lives will say something they wished they did not say, or remain silent when they wish they had spoken up. Everyone without fail will look back and see that there are times they could have been more loving. However, we would advise you not to look back, but rather to say to yourself, ‘Here I am now. How can I bring more love into this moment in front of me?’ Let the past go. It is irrelevant, except as you choose to give it meaning. Your life starts now. So, Ann, how can you add more love to this situation right now?” They left me to answer that question for myself.

I chose to embrace the fact that I had received a beautiful and brilliant reminder from heaven on how to live my life in greater joy. I immediately began to send energy and love to all the souls in the cars around me. I prayed for the person in the accident and for their loved ones. I dug out the iPod and began playing Amma’s chant to Ganesh, who in the Hindu tradition is known as the part of God that removes obstacles. Within ten minutes, traffic began to move once again. The accident had been cleared away. The hundreds of people stuck in traffic had received a dose of Divine love they may never know about, and prayers were sent to all. What could have been a normal human frustration turned into a very loving experience.

We will always have opportunities to look back at our lives with regret. I could have spent more time with Lucy when she was on earth. I could have been more patient at times. So many times I could have dug deeper into my heart and communicated with others from a more spiritually honest space. I’ve made blunders in classes that were so large, they could have kept me from speaking in public! In fact the first time I spoke at someone else’s large conference, I let the entire room out half an hour early and went chasing them down the hall to gather them back! It turned into a glorious lesson on how it was OK to be human and make mistakes… one that the participants still remember in spite of forgetting my other material!

So try not to look back with regrets. Look at where you are now. Add love to your “Now” and see how that can turn anything around into a more beautiful and perfect and loving reality!

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