I saved this story since last November, and just today my angels suggested I include it in the newsletter. It just goes to show there’s divine timing in every little thing we think or do.

My dogs are some of my greatest spiritual teachers. Last Thanksgiving as I was soaking the turkey in the sink, my husky began circling around, sniffing and plotting how he could steal the bird. He remembered the year he stood on his hind legs and took a HUGE bite out of the raw turkey before I caught him and dragged him outdoors. This time I vowed to outsmart him. I put a cookie sheet and a cutting board on top of the sink and pushed the kitchen island in front of it. He sat pondering how on earth he was going to get to the bird. I looked at him and told him I was sorry he’d have to wait and live with the fact that there would be no raw turkey for him, but that if he did wait, I’d give him some wondefully flavorful cooked scraps the next day. He sighed and surrendered, and went about his doggie business for the day.

The interaction made me think of how God treats us. Sometimes we don’t get what we want right away, because God has something more wonderful cooking for us that we’ll get handed on a silver platter at a later date. The relationship you want isn’t working, the house didn’t sell, the job fell through… and yet instead of feeling deprived and ignored, maybe God has something better in store for you if you can just have the faith and surrender and wait.

I cooked a bird without bite marks. My dog got his yummy turkey scraps, and all was well with our world…

I was astounded that I had no sooner put this story in the newsletter, than I got an email from Mishka Productions. With great tenderness they told me they were not inviting me to speak at the next Celebrate Your Life in Phoenix. Instead of being upset, I totally understood. They need new material and I do not have a new book out. I am happy to say that they HAVE selected a dear friend to speak and we’ll share more on that later when they’re ready for announcements.

In my past I would have been crushed. I would have felt I did something wrong, or pouted or had some other less than loving to myself reaction. Today however, I felt like my dog… I sat and surrendered… and KNEW in my heart of hearts that God has big plans for me that are the best my life has to offer for me, for the world as I relate to it, and for all involved in my life. Instead of feeling disappointed, and this is weird, I felt a sense of freedom, as new ideas flooded in for classes and other things I can offer my clients that will benefit me as well and keep me expanding creatively. I felt the pressure to ‘produce’ new material off my shoulders and realized that without pressure, I’ll get that book I’m working on finished sooner. I received a huge download of information on things to offer today as I sat and asked God what’s next. And best of all I took the laptop outdoors, sat by a fountain and worked in the bliss of a spring breeze. Life was pretty perfect today.

God is amazing. When you don’t hang on to “how” things have to look and when you TOTALLY trust that everything that comes your way is love, that if you need to learn a lesson to unclog your spirit to get your dreams – you will – then all of the sudden your heart is free. I’m not saying I’m perfect at this but lately I’ve been really embracing this surrender that the angels teach and absolute magic is occurring in my heart and in my life.

Dreams do come true. Pray for WHAT you want but don’t tell God HOW to create it… you’ll totally limit the miracles that come in your life. Assume that everything is helping you no matter what. Last week’s surrender to the lessons in the pain paved the way for this joy. All is, after all, always love.

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